Wimbledon: Men's Semifinal Preview

Jul 09, 2015 by Michele Drohan

The final four men face off tomorrow in the Wimbledon semi-finals and a quick look at the line-up brings to mind the old saying: “one of these things is not like the others.”

That would be France’s Richard Gasquet, ranked #21, who beat Stan Wawrinka in a five set thriller in the quarterfinals on Thursday. Gasquet is the lone man in the group who has never won a Slam or even made to a final. He has his work cut out for him when he steps on Centre Court tomorrow for the first scheduled match against Novak Djokovic. Djokovic leads their H2H a whopping 12-1, but there’s some newfound fight in the Frenchman that could make this more of a battle than a blowout.

The marquee match is second on Centre: Andy Murray versus Roger Federer. Federer beat Murray to win Wimbledon in 2012 and their H2H is close (Federer leads 12-11). This is probably the only place in the world where Federer will have less crowd support. But that doesn’t mean he won’t have a decent percentage of the stadium on his side. This one is too tough to call. Federer’s serve has barely been broken while Murray has only lost 2 sets on his way to the semi-final. All we can be sure of is that if Murray loses, he’ll suddenly become a lot more Scottish.

Catch all the action on ESPN. Coverage starts at 7am ET!

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