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May 09, 2016 by Sling Staff

All times Eastern.

Monday May 9

Peanuts: Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Pig-Pen, Peppermint Patty, and, of course, Charlie Brown return in this new animated series based on Charles Schulz’s beloved comic strip. (11:30am Monday, Boomerang)

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: The Toronto Raptors pay a visit to the Miami Heat as the two teams square off in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semis, then the Golden State Warriors drop in on the Portland Trail Blazers for Game 4 of the Western Conference semis. (8pm & 10:30pm Monday, TNT)

Damien: In the heart-pounding season finale, Damien – aka the son of Lucifer, struggling to make peace with his checkered past – makes the ultimate sacrifice. (10pm Monday, A&E)

Tuesday May 10

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: The Oklahoma City Thunder head back to San Antonio for Game 5 of the Western Conference semis against the Spurs. (8:30pm Tuesday, TNT)

Woman: Writer, activist, and now host Gloria Steinem leads Viceland’s latest docuseries that examines “the problems once marginalized as women’s issues.” It’s an unflinching look at the most important stories happening all around the world. (10pm Tuesday, Viceland)

Wednesday May 11

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: The action returns to Toronto for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semis between the Heat and the Raptors. Then the Golden State Warriors host the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 5 of the Western Conference semis. (8pm & 10:30pm Wednesday, TNT)

The Americans: The most intense show on television gave its lead characters (and the audience) a small respite at the end of the last episode with a 7-month time jump and a break from any new KGB operations. But if we have learned anything about this show, that only means that whatever is to follow will be even worse than what came before. (10pm Wednesday, FX)

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Stone House Revival: Carpenter Jeff Devlin and his team of restoration experts transform dilapidated structures into modern living spaces while preserving their historic qualities. (10pm Wednesday, DIY)

Thursday May 12

Alone: Mary Kate lasted seven days before she quit; only eight men and women remain in this survivalist competition filmed in the wilderness of Vancouver Island. Who will tap out next? (9pm Thursday, History)

60 Days In: What happens when the guards find liquor in your prison cell? Learn lessons like this on a new episode of 60 Days In. (10pm Thursday, A&E)

Shaun the Sheep: The latest stop-motion confection from Aardman, an adaptation of the popular BBC kids' show, finds the flock on a desperate rescue mission to find their farmer, after a trick to take a day off goes awry. (available on-demand after 8pm Thursday, EPIX)

Friday May 13

Michael Ian Black: Noted Expert: Comedian Michael Ian Black (Wet Hot American Summer) provides his unique, deadpan take on parenting and gender roles in his first comedy special for EPIX. (Available on-demand starting at 10pm Friday, EPIX)

Saturday May 14

MLB on FS1: The Houston Astros, led by sophomore superstar Carlos Correa go to Boston to face David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Dustin “Laser Show” Pedroia and the Red Sox, then Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins take on Francisco Lindor and the Cleveland Indians. (1pm & 4pm Saturday, FS1)

Sunday May 15

MLB on ESPN: Yadier Molina leads the St. Louis Cardinals against Yasiel Puig and the Los Angeles Dodgers. (8pm Sunday, ESPN)

Fear the Walking Dead: In “Sicut Cervus” (translation: like a deer) the survivors make a final push toward Strand’s destination. But what if that deer is Bambi? This could be bad news for Madison… (9pm Sunday, AMC)

Game of Thrones: Now that Jon Snow’s watch has ended, “Book of the Stranger” promises Sansa’s (likely) moment-too-late arrival at Castle Black with Brienne, Littlefinger’s return, and Theon’s journey home to the Iron Islands. (10pm Sunday, HBO)

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