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Apr 18, 2016 by Sling Staff

All times Eastern.

Monday April 18

NBA Playoffs, Round 1, on TNT: It’s a pair of Game 2’s as the Dallas Mavericks play the Oklahoma City Thunder while the Houston Rockets square off against the Golden State Warriors. (8pm & 10:30pm Monday, TNT)

Better Call Saul: After a stellar second season that did what Vince Gilligan and company do best – totally subvert audience expectations – at every turn, there are really two big questions heading into Monday’s finale: 1) will we see the proper introduction of Saul Goodman, Esq? And 2) will we see Mike join forces with a certain unassuming fried-chicken magnate? The answer to number two may or may not be “Yes,” but we feel a lot more confident predicting that Mike will have something to do with Hector Salamanca ending up in that wheelchair and talking with a bell. (9pm Monday, AMC)

Tuesday April 19

NBA Playoffs, Round 1, on TNT: The Boston Celtics meet the Atlanta Hawks, and the Memphis Grizzlies play the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 action. (7pm & 9:30pm Tuesday, TNT)

New York Democratic and Republican Primaries: Clinton and Trump are poised to win big in New York, but Sanders and Cruz are hoping to close the gap. (Results coverage begins at 6pm Tuesday, CNN)

Wednesday April 20

NBA Playoffs, Round 1, on TNT: The Detroit Pistons throw down with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, then the Portland Trail Blazers take on the Los Angeles Clippers, in a pair of Game 2’s. (8pm & 10:30pm Wednesday, TNT)

Edge of Tomorrow: Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star as two soldiers who find themselves reliving their deaths as they try to save the world from an alien invasion. (9:55pm Wednesday, Cinemax)

Thursday April 21

NBA Playoffs, Round 1, on TNT: Oklahoma City thunders into Dallas, and the Warriors attack Houston in a pair of Game 3’s. (7pm & 9:30pm Thursday, TNT)

Vikings: (10pm Thursday, HISTORY) In the mid-season finale, the Vikings take on the French, again, as Ragnar faces off with his brother, Rollo.

Comedy Knockout: Comedian Damien Lemon hosts a new competition series where comics battle to save their dignity. (10:30pm Thursday, truTV)

Friday April 22

NBA Playoffs, Round 1, on ESPN & ESPN2: Cleveland goes to Detroit, Atlanta invades Boston, & San Antonio heads to Memphis in Game 3 action. (Friday at 7pm on ESPN, 8pm on ESPN2 & 10:30pm on ESPN)

Avatar: In James Cameron’s sci-fi epic, Sam Worthington stars as a paraplegic war veteran named Jake Sully, who volunteers for a mission on the alien planet Pandora – a place humans can only survive by remotely controlling alien avatars. The planet is known to be a hostile environment inhabited by the Na’vi, a race whose existence is being threatened by mankind. (8pm Friday, FX) (FX is available in the multistream-beta package)

Saturday April 23

NBA Playoffs, Round 1, on TNT & ESPN:The Raptors roll into Indiana and there’s a Heat wave in Charlotte on TNT, then the forecast is for more Thunder in Dallas, and the Clippers set sail for Portland on ESPN. (3pm & 5:30pm on TNT, 8pm & 10:30pm Friday on ESPN)

Lemonade: No one knows exactly what Lemonade is going to be, but Beyoncé is behind it–maybe it’s the video for her much-anticipated new album? (9pm Saturday, HBO)

Sunday April 24

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NBA Playoffs, Round 1, on TNT: The Hawks soar into Boston, while the Cavaliers ride into Detroit. (6pm & 8:30pm Thursday, TNT)

Game of Thrones: The season six premiere is titled “The Red Woman,” so presumably Melisandre is going to play a very important role, possibly in relation to Jon Snow’s lifeless body. But the show has outpaced the books, so readers and viewers alike are bound to be surprised. (9pm Sunday, HBO)

Silicon Valley: The third season begins with leadership changes at Pied Piper and even bigger changes on the horizon. (10pm Sunday, HBO)

Veep: The winner of the election remains uncertain, but President Selina Kyle might have found her path to victory. (10:30pm Sunday, HBO)

Fear the Walking Dead: Madison questions where Strand is taking them while the other survivors inspect the wreckage of Flight 462. (9pm Sunday, AMC)

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