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Mar 23, 2015 by Sling Staff

After getting his first-ever teleplay assignment and turning in the devastating Mike-centric “Five-O,” Gordon Smith was immediately given another episode of Better Call Saul to write: tonight’s “RICO,” which given the show’s subject matter could refer to either a Hispanic male or the federal anti-racketeering statute. Either way, it ought to be worth tuning in for. (10pm Monday, AMC)

After five full seasons of build-up, backstabbing, and fake-outs, the identity of the mysterious “A” will finally be revealed on tonight’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars. SPOILER ALERT: It’s Keyser Soze. (8pm Tuesday, ABC Family)

Last year’s People’s Choice Award winner for Best Sitcom Young & Hungry returns for its second-season premiere as the tension between Josh and Gabi reaches a new level when he cancels his wedding. If only there were someone out there who was really right for him – someone young, beautiful, and good in the kitchen! (8pm Wednesday, ABC Family)

The first sporting event I really clearly remember watching was the one where Sugar Ray Leonard clowned Roberto Duran so thoroughly that Duran quit in the middle of the fight. ESPN’s outstanding 30 For 30 documentary series examines that 1980 fight and the one that preceded it, in Eric Drath’s “No Mas.” (7:30pm Thursday, ESPN2)

I must admit that Brad Pitt’s cartoony performance comes close to capsizing the whole thing for me, but Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds seems to get a little better every time I watch it; that first scene is terrific and while Christoph Waltz’s performance has rightly gotten every accolade under the sun, I am a big fan of the work Melanie Laurent does as the theater owner. (9pm Friday, IFC)

After Rick seemingly broke bad, with a bloody rant at the citizens opf Alexandria about how he should be in charge, only to be bonked on the head by Michonne, it seems fair to say that the pieces are in place for an excellent 90-minute season finale of The Walking Dead. (9pm Sunday, AMC)

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