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May 02, 2016 by Sling Staff

All times Eastern.

Monday May 2

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: The Atlanta Hawks go to Cleveland to face LeBron James and the Cavaliers, and then Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder square off against Tim Duncan and the Spurs in Game 2 of their playoff series (7pm & 9:30pm Monday, TNT)

Houdini & Doyle: Inspired by the real-life friendship between author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and magician Harry Houdini, fictionalized versions of these figures team up in turn-of-the-century London to solve supernatural crimes. It’s a steampunk version of The X-Files, and we mean that in the best way possible. (9pm Monday, Fox)

Tuesday May 3

2016 Presidential Primary Results: Indiana offers Cruz (and Kasich) the last best chance to stop Trump from winning enough delegates to avoid a contested convention; meanwhile, Clinton expects to widen her delegate lead over Sanders. (Coverage begins 6pm Tuesday, CNN)

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: The Portland Trail Blazers and their high-octane guard duo of CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard hit the road to play the Golden State Warriors, who are without their MVP, Steph Curry. (10:30pm Tuesday, TNT)

Wednesday May 4

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: It’s Hawks-Cavs in Game 2 of their playoff series. (8pm Wednesday, TNT)

Maron: After tumbling down the slippery slope of an Oxycontin prescription for a back injury, we find Marc off the wagon to start season 4, living in a storage locker and having lost his podcast, his career, and his home. Hilarity ensues! (8:30pm Wednesday, IFC)

The Americans: If there’s ever been a more dramatically taut season of TV than this one, we haven’t seen it. With the FBI onto Martha, and Philip sticking to his promise not to lie to her anymore – and admitting he’s not coming with her – will she still allow herself to be sent to Russia? Hard to imagine any kind of happy ending for #PoorMartha. (10pm Wednesday, FX)

States of Undress: Hailey Gates uses fashion as an entry point for conversations with people all over the world, but the scope of her show is so much more than clothing. Her interviewees range from a radical cleric in Pakistan to pro-Putin youth leaders in Russia; it’s the most engaging look at politics, culture, and gender and financial inequality on TV today. (10pm Wednesday, Viceland)

Thursday May 5

Building Alaska: A three-episode block of one-hour episodes, tracing three separate building projects way, way, way off the grid – on Shelter Island, at Eagle Song, and in the Wrangell Mountains – brings the old Frontier Spirit back to modern building. (7, 8, and 9pm ET, DIY Network)

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: The Portland Trail Blazers and their high-octane guard duo of CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard hit the road to play the Golden State Warriors, who are without their MVP, Steph Curry. (10:30pm Thursday, TNT)

Friday May 6

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on ESPN: The Cavs-Hawks series moves to Atlanta for Game 3, and then Kevin Durant and the Thunder host Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs in Game 3. (7pm & 9:30pm Friday, ESPN)

Saturday May 7

MLB on FS1: It’s a Saturday double-header, with the Texas Rangers facing the Detroit Tigers in the opener, and Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals against Anthony Rizzo and the Chicago Cubs in the nightcap. (1pm & 4pm Saturday, FS1)

The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story: Kevin Durant gave an emotional speech when he accepted the NBA’s MVP Award in 2014, thanking his mother for all of her loving support. Now, Wanda Durant’s inspiring story will be told in this original biopic produced by Queen Latifah and starring Cassandra Freeman. (8pm Saturday, Lifetime)

Sunday May 8

NBA Playoffs, Round 2, on TNT: The Spurs remain in OKC for Game 4 against the Thunder. (8pm Sunday, TNT)

Fear the Walking Dead: Dougray Scott (the actor who would have played Wolverine but for production delays on Mission: Impossible II) has joined the cast as Strand’s business partner and lover, finally explaining why the Abigail is bound for Mexico, but Alicia and Travis are now captives on another vessel. (9pm Sunday, AMC)

Game of Thrones: And so, the biggest mystery of season five has been answered. This week, we’ll see the reaction as word spreads through Castle Black, Bran continues his journey through the past, and Cersei seems to be back at it with the Mountain in tow. (10pm Sunday, HBO)

Veep: Now that it seems Selina is going to stay in the White House, it only makes sense for her to do something to tarnish the good news by sending out a bad tweet. Meanwhile, Amy is skeptical of Bob’s power grab while Gary finds himself the belle of the ball at a museum gala. (10:30pm Sunday, HBO)

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