The Night Of: Proof Nasir Did NOT Kill Andrea

Aug 22, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

It’s hard to believe the finale of The Night Of is next week, considering I still have several unanswered questions with more piling on after this week. But, the best thing to come out of this week’s episode was confirmation Nasir did not kill Andrea.

Thanks to Dr. Katz’s thorough walk-through of the crime scene, we can breathe a little easier knowing we’re not the only ones that see the night of the murder through foggy lenses. As he explained his findings on the stand, I found myself cheering him and Naz on in my head: “Yes! See I knew it! You’re so right! Keep going!” But, then I remembered: Dr. Katz was hired by Naz’s team to benefit their case, meaning he has a certain interest to prove or, to use a word thrown around in the courtroom, interpret the crime scene to Nasir’s advantage. He made no mention of the blood he found in the leaves, maybe because it was, in fact, squirrel’s blood or it was blood that would’ve hindered Nasir’s case. When it comes to the fourth, missing knife, I wanted so badly to believe the killer took a knife from the drawer, so I went back to episode one two see if we could see if two or three knives were left in the drawer when Andrea took out the knife for the stabby-game.

In the first screenshot, we see three knives with similar black handles with a silver edging around the top closes to the blade:

Alt text

Then, Andrea has taken the top knife out of the drawer, exposing a fourth knife that was initially covered up. While we can’t see the blade, we can see the identical handle lay next to the handle of the corkscrew:

Alt text

The missing knife must’ve been taken sometime between the stabby-game and when Nasir woke up to find Andrea’s body, proving Nasir is NOT the killer!

The only problem is, no one else has photographic evidence of how many knives were in that drawer beforehand, so while we know he’s innocent, no one else does. Womp womp. But, as I’ve been saying all along, this reaffirms whoever the killer was must’ve known the house and the non-traditional place the knives were kept.

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