Review: TBS' Wrecked is Like Lost, Except Hilarious

Jun 14, 2016 by Alex Castle

A plane crashes on a remote island with no inhabitants, no buildings, no means of contact with the outside world. The survivors, mostly strangers, struggle to assemble the basics – food, water, shelter – and to answer the island’s important mysteries. Like: Who brought the suitcase full of sex toys?

TBS’ new ensemble comedy Wrecked takes the premise that made Lost such a colossal hit and infuses a healthy dose of misanthropy, entitled behavior, and unearned bravado to make the strongest new comedy series we’ve seen this year.

Because who says that just because a group of people survive a plane crash that they will just magically forget their petty, selfish little issues? If a man values his new golf club more... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Wrecked Star Zach Cregger

Jun 14, 2016 by Alex Castle

A diverse group of strangers crash-lands on a remote desert island. It could be the premise for a top-rated, dead-serious supernatural mystery drama, as Lost proved not too long ago, or it could spin in a totally different, much funnier direction, as TBS’ new half-hour Wrecked, premiering Tuesday at 9pm ET on TBS, emphatically proves.

The story begins with Owen (Zach Cregger), a flight attendant so leery of other people that he hides in the bathroom to sneak a cigarette rather than deal with the passengers. When the plane goes down, Owen soon finds himself in the unlikely position of leading this rough assembly of people as they create a small society.

EXCLUSIVE: Star Ally Maki Says Fans of Lost and Laughing Will Like Wrecked

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EXCLUSIVE: Star Ally Maki Says Fans of Lost and Laughing Will Like Wrecked

Jun 14, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

Imagine if you were on a plane headed to an international destination with your long-term boyfriend, hoping he’s finally going to propose after nine years (seven officially), but the plane goes down and you’re trapped on a deserted island with a handful of strangers who survived the crash too.

That’s the life of Jess Kato, a sweet-natured romantic (played by the equally sweet Ally Maki), who just wants her douche of a boyfriend, Todd (Will Greenberg) to commit.

We caught up with Ally Maki to learn more about TBS’ new comedy Wrecked and her character, Jess:

I have to say, I’ve seen the first three or four episodes of Wrecked and I think it’s hilarious.

Yay! That’s awesome!

How would you describe Wrecked in your own... Read More

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