Fall In Love With Sling TV

Feb 12, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

Ah, Valentine’s Day.

It’s a fake holiday designed by big corporations to trick you into spending money on fancy meals and ridiculously expensive flowers that’ll be dead in two days (not to mention you can buy them for a fraction of the price the next day). But you don’t have to fall victim to the Valentine’s Day nonsense. Who’s to say a quiet night at home with take-out and movies isn’t the best way to spend time with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, puppy, cat, gallon of ice cream, or Ryan Gosling-shaped pillow – we’re not judging, friend. In fact, we’re encouraging. Sling TV is there for you and whoever you’re spending Valentine’s Day with this year.

With the help of our most romantic Sling staffers – Alex Castle,... Read More

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