Preview: Mr. Robot Brings the Anarchy in Season 2

Jul 13, 2016 by Steven Schott

USA Network’s beautifully shot, richly acted surprise hit Mr. Robot quietly yet quickly built up a massive devoted, energized fan base when it premiered last summer with an ultra-compelling mix of storylines that echoed and amplified real world tropes and movements almost in real-time: Occupy, doxxing, data breaches, hacks, Anonymous, late capitalism, etc. More importantly, Mr. Robot tapped into that feeling many people have that things are not right, that the deck is stacked, that the whole system has to come down for us to truly be free. It is The Matrix for a new generation, a much more literal exploration of “the real world.”

At the center of season one is Elliot (Rami Malek) a most unreliable narrator. He is dealing with paranoia, schizophrenia, anxiety and a host of... Read More

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