The Leisure Class : A Film Ruined By Film?

Nov 03, 2015 by Sarah Moffatt

I watched every episode of Project Greenlight and was really rooting for the chosen director, Jason Mann, to pull his movie off, despite the drama and heartache. Unfortunately, this film was not the success I hoped it would be.

The Leisure Class, in theory, is an interesting concept: an English con man is all set to marry into a wealthy, politically connected American family, but his loose-canon brother shows up and ruins everything. To me, this is a pretty decent outline for comedic gold – even for a dark comedy like this film aimed to be.

Overall, I found this film to be a 90-minute song made up of one, singular note. A flat note, at that.

I never felt a connection with William (Ed Weeks) or his fiance,... Read More

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