Review: Angie Tribeca on TBS

Jan 15, 2016 by Alex Castle

A few months ago, I watched the 1980 comedy classic Airplane! with my 8-year-old. I figured he was ready for it – who better than an 8-year-old to appreciate a movie so silly and committed to packing in as many gags as possible that it borders on narrative incoherence?

As it turned out, he was ready for Airplane!, but Airplane! wasn’t quite ready for him; though he got enough laughs out of it to be worthwhile, the movie has aged quite a bit, with more than a few extended gags that depend on being familiar with the zeitgeist of 1980 (try explaining the 8-minute Saturday Night Fever dance sequence), and lots of details that just don’t make sense in 2015. (Sample question from the boy: “Why is everyone on... Read More

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