Movie of the Week: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Jan 15, 2016 by Alex Castle

The passing of David Bowie has prompted a considerable outpouring of grief above and beyond what we normally see for a public figure, with many people – myself included – revisiting and celebrating the musician’s immense body of work, from the early-’70s Ziggy Stardust era, through the more commercial ‘80s Let’s Dance period, to his incredibly moving farewell album Blackstar.

Bowie had such a singular charisma onstage – he was arguably the greatest rock performer of all time – that it was only natural that he’d be drafted into the movies, where he turned in great performances in films like 1986’s Labyrinth (as the Goblin King), 1988’s The Last Temptation of Christ (as Pontius Pilate) and 2006’s The Prestige (as Nikola Tesla). But Bowie’s best-known screen role was his... Read More

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