So You Think You Can Dance Has Perfect Timing With Next Generation Change

Jun 06, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

I’ve been a dancer all my life – I even have a rather useless degree in it (useless for me, not useless in general)! I’ve experienced coaches putting bottle caps in the heels of my shoes point-end up to ensure I would stay on my toes; I knew girls who had rulers or Popsicle sticks taped to the back of their legs so they stayed straight, and suffered their ballet teacher marking the knees of their (expensive!) tights with a giant red ‘X’ in Sharpie when they didn’t have enough turnout. Being a child dancer is hard, but most kids have no issue putting up with the borderline abusive coaches if it means they not only get to dance but constantly be pushed to reach their potential… and then some.... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: iHeartRadio Music Awards 2016 Host Jason Derulo Intends On Crashing Every Performance During Sunday's Show

Apr 02, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

Jason Derulo has come a long way since touring with Lady Gaga as her opening act for The Monster Ball Tour in 2009. Now, he’s headlining his own world tours, is behind some of the biggest songs in recent memory, and is a judge on the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance; he’s a singer, dancer, performer and, after Sunday, can add host to his long and impressive resume.

Derulo found time to chat with us in between preparation for Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards and juggling his million other jobs.

We’re days away from the show, how are you feeling?

Jason Derulo: It’s a combination of things; I don’t think I can put it in a nutshell, really, but there are [some] nerves. It’s my first... Read More

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