Preview: Roots is a Welcome History Lesson

May 27, 2016 by Alex Castle

As time passes, it gets easier and easier to forget what a colossal legacy of suffering the practice of slavery inflicted on millions and millions of Africans and African Americans. It has become an abstraction, a concept that we can’t – or don’t care to – fully grasp. When we have people waving Confederate flags and claiming that it has nothing to do with slavery, or that African-Americans need to “get over it,” it’s clear that there are some people out there who could use a little history lesson.

More than 12 million Africans were dragged from their homes and families and loaded onto ships like luggage from the 16th century until slavery was abolished; two million of them died en route. These numbers don’t begin to count the... Read More

Join or Die: Craig Ferguson Is Back!

Feb 18, 2016 by Oliver Ward

Craig Ferguson’s affable and intelligent late night presence has been sorely missed since he handed over hosting duties of The Late Late Show in 2014 amid the shakeup following David Letterman’s retirement. But CBS’s loss is HISTORY’s gain: the Scottish-American comedian returns tonight with his new (yet hearteningly familiar) talk show, Join or Die. The first two episodes air back-to-back following the season premiere of Vikings.

Fans of Ferguson’s tenure at The Late Late Show will immediately recognize his relaxed, seemingly ad-libbed monologue that opens each show. Nothing has changed, save the notable-but-not-regrettable absence of Geoff the robot skeleton sidekick. Craig Ferguson is at his best in these introductions where he engages in his exuberantly confessional style of comedy that relies on truth, not truthiness, to inspire laughs.

Each... Read More

Can Hunting Hitler Rewrite History?

Nov 13, 2015 by Alex Castle

In April of 1945, with the Allied powers closing in on his Berlin bunker, German Führer Adolf Hitler, the greatest war criminal in human history, took his own life, presumably rather than face the music on the whole exterminating six million people thing. Or maybe that’s just what they want you to think.

It is well known that thousands of Nazis fled Germany and sought refuge around the world in the aftermath of the war. Less well known is that there is uncertainty as to whether Hitler actually died in his bunker, or if he was among the Nazi diaspora.

The notion that Hitler left body doubles for himself and his wife in that bunker while they escaped is not uncommon in certain conspiracy circles, but newly... Read More

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