Bradley Cooper Heats Up Food Network For Burnt

Oct 19, 2015 by Sarah Moffatt

Bradley Cooper has come a long way from the days of a struggling actor working as a doorman at Morgans Hotel to sort of make ends meet. He has been nominated for an Academy Award four times in the last three years: two for Best Actor (American Sniper, Silver Linings Playbook), one for Best Supporting Actor (American Hustle), and one for Best Picture as a producer (American Hustle). He has also taken the Great White Way by storm, too, receiving a Best Actor in a Play Tony nomination for his role in Elephant Man.

To promote his newest film, Burnt, which hits theaters Friday, October 23, Cooper will appear in the new Food Network special, Burnt: In The Kitchen with Bradley Cooper, where he takes us behind-the-scenes of his new... Read More

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