MLB on Sling TV: Red Sox Raining on Yankees' Parade

Oct 01, 2015 by Scott Ross

The Boston Red Sox were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention seemingly months ago, but have rolled into the Bronx determined to play spoiler, doing their best to stave off the Yankees’ all-but-inevitable clinching of a Wild Card berth. The Yankees have dropped three straight to the Sox and are eager to see them leave, but there’s one more game to be played.

It’s been another tough year for Yankee starter CC Sabathia, who has missed a handful of starts, conjured only occasional flashes of his former greatness and now finds himself needing a brace for his right knee, which is cranky after a couple decades of heavy-duty use.

On September 20 he managed to find that old magic, pitching 6 innings of 5-hit, 1-run ball in leading the Bombers... Read More

MLB on Sling TV: Wild Card Doubleheader

Sep 29, 2015 by Scott Ross

Red Sox at Yankees (7pm ET Tuesday, ESPN)
The passion still burns hot in the Boston-New York rivalry, but with the Sox headed toward a third last-place finish in four years, the stakes are decidedly lower. While Boston circles the drain, the Yankees appear destined for a one-game Wild Card playoff.

More important than a W for the Yankees are signs that starter Michael Pineda is ready to contribute in October. Over his last two starts, he’s only given up one run in 11 and 1/3 innings, while striking out 10 and walking just one. But his previous two starts he also lasted 11 and 1/3, yet saw him give up eight earned runs. Which Pineda will show up?

The Yankees as a team have been scuffling along for... Read More

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