Weird Science: Adult Swim's Rick and Morty

Jul 29, 2015 by Alex Castle

A drunk, misanthropic scientific genius who’s invented a portal through time, space, and dimensions takes his naive, trusting, loyal grandson all over the universe on missions to preserve the fabric of reality while insulting his intelligence, competence, and common sense at every turn. Does that sound like a funny show or what?

Maybe it doesn’t, but after a solid year of hearing that Rick and Morty is the best animated comedy on television, I finally checked out the first season – about half of the eleven episodes are available to watch for free at the Adult Swim website – and I was immediately won over.

It’s hard to remember a comic character as immediately indelible as Rick Sanchez, the Einstein-haired, hygienically-challenged, usually-inebriated tower of condescension that forces... Read More

Late Night Tastes Like Robot Chicken

Feb 26, 2015 by Alex Castle

There is just too much TV nowadays. No matter how much good stuff you’re watching, there’s always more, always stuff you’ve heard about but never found the time to get to because your TV dance card is always full.

I’ve been hearing good things about Robot Chicken for years, but never found the time to check it out. I only knew three things about it: 1) It’s on Adult Swim 2) Seth Green is involved and 3) they did a couple of “Star Wars” specials.

This week I finally got hip to Robot Chicken, and I am going to have to carve out just a little more time to watch TV, because this thing is a hoot. I’d assumed it was a cartoon (because it airs on Adult... Read More

Wading Into Adult Swim

Feb 06, 2015 by Alex Castle

I’ve always been a night owl. Even when I have to get up early in the morning, the idea of going to bed at 11pm always feels crazy to me. I like to stay up late, always have.

If this sounds like you, you probably already know about Adult Swim, the late-night block of (mostly but not only) animated shows on Cartoon Network. (Actually, it’s Cartoon Network in the daytime, Adult Swim at night, they’re distinct networks sharing space on the same feed, but you don’t really care about that, do you?)

If you don’t already know about Adult Swim, there’s no better time to grab a towel and wade in, because the long-awaited Venture Bros. Special, just aired a couple of weeks ago, which means the even longer-awaited... Read More

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