MLB on Sling TV: Three Special Arms Take the Hill

Apr 13, 2015 by Sling Staff

The first week of the season is a tempting mirage. It’s easy to believe that whatever happened the first week is what will happen the rest of the season, good or bad.

Adrian Gonzalez might really hit 135 homers this year! And he’ll need to because Clayton Kershaw stinks!

Maybe there really is a fantasy league where someone dropped Kerhsaw, who had two rocky starts for the Dodgers while his teammate mashed homer after homer, but most sane people know that there is a lot of baseball to be played and that Kershaw is a special arm. An arm you only see every few generations.

This week, there are three other special arms to watch: the Yankees’ Michael Pineda, the Mariners’ Taijuan Walker, and the Cardinals’ Adam... Read More

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