Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead: Horrible But Also Awesome

Sep 30, 2016 by Sling Staff

All right, you primitive screwheads. Listen up…

Since the 1992 release of Army of Darkness, the third in Sam Raimi’s groundbreaking horror-comedy Evil Dead series, fans have waited years for another chapter in the terrifying, gory, hilarious saga of Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), the wisecracking zombie killer with a chainsaw where his right hand used to be. For more than twenty years, rumor upon rumor swirled around about Ash’s future (and fate) since we left him taking out stray Deadites at the S-Mart, and while a fourth Evil Dead film seemed to perpetually be on the verge of being announced, we were cruelly teased with mediocre video games and copycats galore, including a 2013 remake of the first movie that amputated the originals' unique gallows humor that seemed to be the final nail in Ash’s coffin.

But in 2015, fans were delighted when STARZ stepped up to the plate and announced Ash vs. Evil Dead a 10-episode series that would reintroduce us to an older (but not wiser) Ash, still on the run from his past, still spitting one-liners, and still missing his right hand.

Season one introduced us to an older, but not wiser Ash, slaving away at a straight job but still not fully integrated into the real world, living in a trailer park, working at a big-box hardware store, but still a killer with the ladies. He slowly becomes aware that something’s wrong when those around him appear to be possessed. Why, after 30 years, are these visions happening? Let’s just say that our hero isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and his weakness for women is the cause of this new resurgence. Along for the ride with Ash on his quest to rid all evil from the planet are his two coworkers, Pablo and Kelly, as well as a cop hot on his trail who’s seeking answers as to why these things are happening.

When the season ended, we were, of course, left with a few questions: Did the author of the Necronomicon, Ruby (Lucy Lawless), stick to her promise of allowing Ash, Pablo and Kelly to live their lives demon-free in Jacksonville, Florida? Does Ash still rock the chainsaw? Most important, is he still a ladies man? You betcha!

Season two finds Ash enjoying the life of a local hero in Jacksonville, Florida, unbothered by any monsters. Before you know it, Evil has found Ash once again, at the request of Ruby (who has now portrayed both the good and evil in the show), which leaves many questions up in the air as to why this may or may not benefit her. We’re also introduced to Ash’s father (played by the great Lee Majors, who is a spitting image of his on-screen son and delivers one-liners with ease).

Ash vs. Evil Dead continues to please fans both old and new. This is Bruce Campbell’s show, a role that he built and solidified to become one of gore’s greatest, and it feels real damn good to have him back!

Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres Sunday, October 2nd at 8pm ET on STARZ; season 1 is available on-demand.

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