Recap: The Walking Dead 6.14, "Twice as Far"

Mar 21, 2016 by Oliver Ward

(Warning: this post contains spoilers.)

The season finale promises to be an epic bloodbath, so in order to save some oomph for later while still pushing the narrative toward said disaster with “Twice as Far,” fans got a plodding, dual storyline episode that suddenly takes off in the final fifteen minutes.

Storyline A: Denise convinces Rosita and Daryl to lead her to a gift-shop / apothecary so she can finally get Tara some Orange Crush get more medicine for Alexandria. Covered in bloody handprints, the apothecary looks like hell, but the only walker inside is, well, not actually a walker. It’s mostly a pile of decomposing mush with a cast on its foot-mush. Still, they get the medicine and ultimately Denise finds that can of soda she’s been asking for half of season six.

Storyline B: Eugene and Abraham head to a factory where Eugene reveals his plan to start DIYing bullets, which is actually a pretty good idea considering the rate at which Rick’s crew burns through them. Abraham then makes the mistake of rescuing Eugene from an armored walker, which only injures Eugene’s new-found pride. After some tense words, Abraham leaves Eugene to fend for himself, which understandably does not go well.

Best Moments

Alt text

“So, if you didn’t already have plans, I was thinking of making my beef jerky stroganoff…”

Spencer learns that dorm room recipes are not the best way to Rosita’s heart. Perhaps he should work on a handlebar mustache…

Alt text

“You don’t spit game: you are game.”

Bold words from a man in a scrunchy.

Alt text

“Timmy down there almost ate your face!”

Meet Timmy. Unlike most walkers, he protects his vital brain stem under a molten metal helmet. He’s basically Magneto-meets-Viserys.

Alt text

Product placement!

Orange Crush is amazing, to be fair, but one can is definitely not worth an arrow through the head. RIP Denise.

Alt text

Eugene thinks outside the box.

As a grateful Abraham says afterward, “You know how to bite a d*ck, Eugene. I mean that with the utmost of respect.” Eugene saves the day by using his head. And his teeth.

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