Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.11, "Of Late I Think of Rosewood"

Jan 13, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

Kelly and I are back to raise questions and inspire confusion for the premiere of season 6B of Pretty Little Liars. I think I speak for both of us when I say this season – for better or worse – promises a dramatic and bumpy ride we’ll dive into weekly as the season goes on.

If you missed our recap of season 6A, read that first before continuing because spoilers!

Sarah: Okay, tell me your thoughts about last night’s premiere.
Kelly: When I tried to tell someone what happened, I couldn’t remember the beginning because nothing really happened.
S: Yeah, it was like 45 minutes of backstory.
K: So, basically nothing and then… what was I shocked about at first? I have the worst memory. Oh, obviously CeCe’s death. That was real, right?
S: Yeah, they thought she committed suicide, but then Lorenzo and Toby, who are now cops again, said she was already dead and was thrown from the bell tower. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from the beginning: We learned that Ali is now a teacher at the high school and Ezra – wait, I was confused about Ezra; what’s going on with him?
K: Ezra went to South America to do some charity work, I believe, so he was supposed to be gone for years or something but he came back early because he got sick, but he didn’t look sick. But, now he lives on top of the The Brew, the coffee shop they’re always going to and that’s when Aria went to go find him.
S:Who is the girl who was murdered in South America? What’s her name?
K: Huh?
S: It sounded like Ezra’s girlfriend got kidnapped and murdered in South America.
K: What?!
S:You missed that?
K: I missed that whole part! His girlfriend? I thought he went alone.
S:I think her name was Natalie or something. Remember, Ezra kind of snapped at Aria when they met up because of what happened.
K: Wait, is Natalie is ex-wife? Or, maybe she was his baby mama?
S:Oh, I didn’t know he was married or had a kid.

(After looking it up, we realize her name is Nicole, she is not Ezra’s baby mama, and we met her in 6A at Aria’s art gallery party.)

S: Oh, I was way off. I knew it started with an ‘N’, though. Okay, so to sum up the first 45 minutes: we know that Ezra wrote a book, spent time in South America, and his girlfriend died. Alison became a teacher. What was Emily’s deal? We saw her bartending, but…
K: Yeah, she lied to them. I think she pretended that she got a scholarship to this museum program or something and she also lied about finishing school. I don’t think she ever finished, because now she’s a bartender. Remember, when they first met at The Brew, I remember Spencer asking for a tour and Emily shadily said, “Oh, tickets are hard to come by right now.” So she’s definitely lying, but we don’t know why.
S: Right, and she was talking to Toby and they bonded over college being hard.
K: Aria is a book publisher or publicist, that’s why she was shown at the book signing holding Ezra’s book. Then, Hanna works for some fashion designer because I remember Caleb saying something like “You’re still a groupie for dresses.” She travels a lot and is engaged to someone else, who we haven’t met yet.
S: And, The Radley has been transformed from a crazy house to a super chic hotel. Who else? Mona is in politics.
K: Spencer is in politics. They’re in different politics but I don’t remember what they said because I don’t know politics.
S: I feel like Mona was such a weirdo in this episode.
K: She’s always weird.
S: At Spencer’s mom’s Senate campaign event, Mona came up to Spencer and said all this weird stuff and then peaced out.
K: Yeah, I think they just all hate Mona because she actually did torture them when she was fake ‘A.’ I think there might be something still going so she’s just awkward encounters always. That didn’t seem too suspicious to me because I know they hate Mona.
S: The main driving force of this episode was Ali wanted the girls to lie and say they were comfortable with Charlotte getting out of prison.
K: Yeah, and Spencer said the only reason she agreed to lying was because she didn’t think they’d actually let her out.
S: That backfired.
K: But then they all lied, except for Aria, and her argument was valid and she still seemed pretty upset.
S: I don’t understand why they would lie in the first place.
K: Someone said something about saving each other’s lives so they owe each other. They’re bonded so tightly they felt like they owed it to each other.
S: What’s Toby’s thing? Spencer seemed convinced he was building a house for a lady friend but we never saw a lady friend, so I think he was building it for Spencer.
K: Could’ve been. That sounds like a good assumption but she has no idea.
S: I felt like Emily and Toby were talking a lot. They had a lot of weird side conversations and looks. I know she’s a lesbian…
K: You think they’re in a relationship?
S: I think maybe they could be in the future. They related on not finishing college and had a moment, so maybe they are setting her up to actually be bisexual.
K: That would definitely be a plot twist.
S: They all lie except for Aria and Mona.
K: Yeah, Mona doesn’t lie.
S: I bet they all felt like idiots when those two spoke the truth and she still got out. Anyway, Charlotte gets out and goes missing. Again, the courts move at an alarmingly rapid pace in the world of PLL. She’s found dead by the church and they initially think she committed suicide.
K: Then, Caleb shows up at Hanna’s hotel room.
S: That’s another thing: I thought Caleb and Spencer sort of had a moment, too.
K: Maybe. I remember that after Hanna and Caleb got done talking, she shut the door and looked down at her engagement ring.
S: Well, I know they’ve cast her fiancé, so we’ll definitely meet him. His name is something… Jordan!
K: Oh, that’s interesting.
S: Oh yeah, and Emily is popping pills.
K: Oh, yeah! They fall out of her bag, right?
S: The pills fall out and so does something else, like syringes or something. I didn’t get a good look.
K: I know her dad died, so I think that messed her up.
S: Then we see Sara Harvey at the end of the episode. Did you see that?
K: Yes! That was really weird because the last time we saw her… I can’t remember the last time they saw her. Did she run away?
S: Yeah, I think it was when they found out who ‘A’ was and she disappeared.
K: She comes into the funeral with the veil over her face, looking so suspicious.
S: And she was being escorted by a security guard.
K: Wait, is she in jail?
S: I don’t think so?
K: Why would she be escorted?
S: I don’t know, she was walking like a robot, though. It was weird. After the funeral, which was in the same church she was thrown from, Lorenzo tells the girls she was murdered and says they all need to stay in town to give statements, I think. And he tells them she was dead before she was thrown from the tower.
K: How do they know that?
S: They look at cause of death and how long the body has been dead. When they do an autopsy, they can tell how long the person has been dead based on decomposing and narrow down to a specific window for the time of death, I think.
K: Huh. They did the autopsy really quickly. Did they do it that day?
S: I guess. Did you see what’s in store for next week?
K: No.
S: You need to watch it right now. They allude to Aria being the one that killed CeCe.
K: What!?

S: That’s what we’re working with. I don’t know if that’s just the next episode or what’s in store for the whole season.
K: That better be just for next week. That’s crazy! I think someone framed Aria.
S: I know but wouldn’t it be such a good twist if she did actually do it? I feel like out of all the girls Aria is not the one who could handle prison life.
K: That would be really weird. Now I really want it to be Tuesday.

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