Recap:Pretty Little Liars 6.8 "Burn This"

Mar 02, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

In this week’s episode, we learned Mona is a bigger player than we thought, the girls are probably going to end up with their exes, and everyone is still a big, fat liar. It’s still a wonder the Pretty Little Liars can function in daily life. If you missed our spoilerific recap of last week’s episode, ‘We’ve All Got Baggage,’ read it before proceeding!

Kelly: I forget exactly how the episode started, but the first thing I have down is Ali is married. I guess they actually went through with it. It’s so bizarre to me.
Sarah: Yeah, it’s weird. I think it started with the girls at the loft, I guess, and they were talking about Ali getting married before Aria noticed the camera and decides they should look at her parent’s wedding photos. When she’s flipping through, she notices a place card on a table that says, “Give me the killer by election night or lose.” I can’t remember, were there close-up pictures of the place card or did she just notice it in the photo?
K: I think it was a picture of people and she was like, “Wait, I’m in this one,” and they noticed the place card in the corner.
S: How would they have noticed that?
K: They wouldn’t.
S: We also find out Melissa left for London and Ali also left for probably her honeymoon.
K: We find out she left for London because she was getting texts from ‘A,’ too.
S: Wait, was that this time around? No, I think Spencer’s dad was saying she went to London because – Wait, maybe you are right. Melissa was being blackmailed over the tape of her burying Bethanny and that’s why Spencer was like, “She murders a girl and you just let her leave?” So, that makes sense. I’ve never seen Spencer’s dad before and he seems like a jerk.
K: He’s too stern.
S: We start getting flashbacks of Toby and Spencer breaking up, but I didn’t understand what she was crying about. Maybe I didn’t hear it?
K: She took a pregnancy test.
S: Oh, she was pregnant?!
K: Toby publicly spoke about Yvonne because it leaked she had an abortion a while ago, so Spencer is going to meet up with Toby to explain what’s really going on and she starts having these flashbacks where she’s on the bed crying while her and Toby were fighting. I don’t think it was positive because – I don’t know, but someone says “We almost had to deal with that ourselves, so hopefully you’re understanding of Yvonne.” I think it was negative, but they get in a fight because Toby says something like they were wanting this in the future anyway but now he feels like they are looking at a different picture.
S: I feel like everyone is going to end up with their exes.
K: I hope not. I really want Hannah to marry Jordan!
S: No, Jordan is on the outs. She wants to cancel her bridal shower, she hasn’t planned any of the wedding, and we learn the girls know nothing about those two! Not even how they met. Just cut him loose already!
K: I know, but he’s so perfect.
S: But now she really can’t because Spencer is with Caleb, so unless they break up and she gets back with Toby, it’s not going to happen. But, then it’s weird because then Spencer and Hannah have now hooked up with Caleb. Oh, and Mona, but they don’t know about that yet. Can’t forget about her.
S: Ezra pitches Aria as a co-writer for his book. They’re going to get back together.
K: I really want them to! I don’t like Liam.
S: Liam is a poor man’s version of Ezra. Ezra is much, much hotter.
K: Liam is just always in the way, like – Well, I won’t jump ahead. Caleb needs a hotel room after being kicked off the campaign. Hannah’s mom offers up the guest room in their house and Emily gets pissed about it and she brings it up out of nowhere to her mom –
S: Wait, Hannah.
K: Oh, yeah, Hannah. Sorry, I always get their names mixed up.
S: That’s why I had to make sure because I never know who I’m talking about.
K: Hannah gets mad at her mom and tells her she never tries to include Jordan in her life.
S: She’s totally projecting.
K: Oh, definitely.
S: The next thing I have is Caleb gets his ass rocked by Toby.
K: He does! That was so dramatic.
S: I kind of liked it.
K: I think that’s the first fight I’ve seen on this show.
S: I know, I thought Toby looked kind of hot after he did it.
K: Ewwww, no.
S: But, then he pouted his lips and scrunched his face and the illusion was gone. Mona gets fired. Aria asks Ezra why he wanted her to co-write because Liam thinks it’s because he wants to be back with her. He told her he couldn’t get through writing it because he wanted to do right by Nicole, but Aria would just write what needed to be written without obsessing over it.
K: Yep.
S: I thought that was a legit reason. The Lieutenant shows up and interrupts their chat to take Aria downtown for a line-up because she matches the description of a witness who saw the caller the night of Charlotte’s murder.
K: I read the description; are they allowed to say an “attractive small girl with brown hair?”
S: Yeah, because it was the description the witness gave, not the police.
K: Then, we she leaves the station Sarah Harvey was leaving, too. And, we see a description of pink dice on a keychain.
S: Emily goes to a super, super sketchy autoshop by herself. The people working there are trying to cover it up, but Emily shows them a picture of Melissa and they say that’s not her and to get out. Later, we see them taking an envelope of cash from under the tirewell of the SUV, so they were paid off.
K: I couldn’t tell if that was a lady or a man.
S: I think her name tag said Patty.
K: Oh, did it? I was trying to figure that out. They were so mad at Emily for just walking in.
S: Yeah, how did they know who she was right away?
K: Later, we see Patty, I guess, covering up the scratch marks on the SUV.
S: Hannah ends up having her bridal shower anyway and Mona shows up because Hannah’s mom can’t stay out of her business. That’s where we learn the girls know nothing about Jordan. All of a sudden the electrical system freaks out and causes a tornado and a firestorm.
K: Where did the wind come from?!
S: That’s what I said! No A/C unit could make that much wind, but the fireplace I can sort of understand.
K: Aria gets second-degree burns, but she goes to the hospital but she’s going to be fine.
S: With her makeup perfectly intact. While she’s in the hospital, Spencer goes to meet Toby to tell him what’s going on and we get more flashbacks. They all get a text saying, “You didn’t take me seriously, so I thought I’d light a fire under your ass.”
K: So, ‘A’ did that. Ali is missing during all this time, which is a little peculiar.
S: Well, we think she’s on her honeymoon this whole time, but if the doc is in on it, it would make sense they wouldn’t be around.
K: Ezra comes to spend time with Aria while she’s in the hospital and it’s so adorable.
S: So sweet. It’s like, where is Liam? Doesn’t matter. I like what’s happening.
K: I feel like Aria is the one pushing away Ezra, so it looked like she was maybe falling back in love with him. Then, Liam comes in and ruins it.
S: Of course. Before Liam shows up, she almost tells Ezra what’s going on. Hannah almost tells her mom, too.
K: I don’t understand why they don’t.
S: Who knows. When Liam shows up, he says Ezra’s pitch was approved and Aria is for sure co-authoring the book. Liam and Aria kiss as Ezra awkwardly leaves.
K: Meanwhile, Emily and Mona are cleaning up after the party, Emily sees she has pink dice on her keychain, which is huge because that means Mona was the caller. Emily makes her get in the car to talk about it.
S: I’m looking forward to that next week. Emily doesn’t take anything from anyone. She has no problem calling people out. Neither does Hannah. I like them.
K: Me too.
S: So, next week Ali falls down the stairs –
K: How’d that happen? So silly.
S: Hannah holds hands with Caleb and it makes Spencer uneasy. Did you see that?
K: Oh, no I missed that!
S: She slides her hand into his all sexual like. Maybe it was a flashback, but it didn’t look like it. Hannah also is in tears saying she murdered Charlotte.
K: No you didn’t, did you?
S: No, if she did they wouldn’t have put it in the little 30 second teaser. Don’t we have like two episodes left? It feels like maybe they are starting wrap stuff up.
K: I don’t know, do we?
S: Beats me.

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