Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.20 "Hush, Hush Little Liars"

Mar 17, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

At last, the second part of season six of Pretty Little Liars and, man, was it jampacked with lies, betrayals and didn’t-see-it-coming-but-maybe-you-sort-of-did surprises: someone’s sort of back from the dead; someone is not who we thought they were; and everyone is feeling nostalgic for love. If you missed our recap of last week’s episode, ‘Did You Miss Me?,’ read it before proceeding!

Sarah: The final episode of this season’s Pretty Little Liars; it’s kind of exciting.
Kelly: It was pretty good.
S: Do you want to start?
K: Yeah! Ali is coming home from the hospital, but Elliot is going to conference in Chicago, so she has to be alone.
S: Mmmhmmmmm.
K: Yeah. Hannah gets a text saying, “If you’re lying, I’ll shoot you.”
S: Right, because this episode picks up right at the end of last week’s as though she had just the text confessing to Charlotte’s murder.
K: Ok, ok.
S: Then, she sends back “It’s the truth, call the cops.” And they respond with, “No cops.” So she says, “I need one more day.” And they say, “It’ll be your last.”
K: Things get awkward between Hannah, Spencer and Caleb, but Caleb seems totally oblivious although Spencer knows exactly what’s going on and Hannah’s trying to figure out what’s going on.
S: Spencer is with Toby, showing him the floor plan of the Radley.
K: Toby has glasses on and he looks kind of hot.
S: Ewwwwwwww! Isn’t that what you said to me when I said he looked kind of hot after punching Caleb out?
K: He’s ugly, usually, but with the glasses on, I was like, “Oh, hey.”
S: They start speaking French together aka the “language of love.”
K: Which is pretty cute.
S: Yeah, I guess. We cut to Caleb with Hannah as he builds the electric fence. They cut to Spencer and Toby accidently touching hands and pulling away. Then, we cut to another old flame: Aria and Ezra. Ezra is crying as he says out loud for the first time he’ll never see Nicole again and they hold hands to comfort one another. Ezra is just so much hotter than all the other guys.
K: Oh, no doubt.
S: He has such a great nose! I think that every time I see him. Like, what flawless bone structure.
K: I know! I want them to date in real life. Is that when things go deeper?
S: Nope, not yet.
K: It cuts to Ali asleep in the living room and the music box starts going off in the other room.
S: Then, the phone rings and someone says, “Did you miss me?” I didn’t realize that was supposed to be her dead mom.
K: Right, then she turns around and sees her dead mom in the window. I forget how she died, though.
S: Toby tells Yvonne he has to take care of something after the election and can’t make the party and she’s like, “No, you mean take care of Spencer.” She’s pissed, but it’s justified. Then, Mona shows up at Hasting house and tells Spencer she’s not the enemy.
K: She does a call to a potential voter to prove it. Caleb sets up the electric fence with Hanna, but they also set up a strobe light and a camera, so they can catch whoever is A just in case the fence doesn’t work.
S: That’s where Caleb names this A “A emoji,” which is a terrible name.
K: I don’t get it.
S: It’s because when this A texts they don’t spell out “shoot” they put a gun emoji.
K: That’s not quicker at all.
S: I also thought it was funny Aria’s bandage is getting smaller. Pretty soon, it’s going to just be a band-aid. I think the next big thing was Ali asleep in bed with the man-hands touching her.
K: Wilden!
S: I don’t know this. Who is Wilden and what kind of name is Wilden?
K: I think it’s his last name. He used to be a cop, I think, and something was happening – I remember the cop car was behind one of the girl’s cars and he got shot. Should I Google it?
S: Eh. Kelly looks up Wilden.
K: Oh, yeah, he used to have a thing with Hanna’s mom. He was killed by two gunshot wounds by Charlotte after a big lodge fire.
S: Why does Ali feel like she killed him?
K: Hm. Let me look at another thing… He was involved in a hit-and-run with Ashley Marin and Jenna and Shawna pulled him away?
S: This might as well be a whole nother show, because I have no idea who any of these people are.
K: I honestly forget.
S: Anyway, Spencer tells Caleb she loves him and he just laughs and walks out. Killed me!
K: Awkward.
S: Wasn’t that the first time she said it?
K: Yep.
S: Elliott is coming home.
K: Doesn’t Ali call him and tell him she’s seeing things and he says he’ll come home to help her.
S: Did you catch when Toby was volunteering at the high school for the election and the old lady getting in the van said, “Thank you, pretty eyes.”
K: I feel like that’s going to be significant later for some reason.
S: Oh, yeah! Because he has glasses now, too! Oh god, he’s going blind and Spencer is going to have to take care of him. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. I’d also like to point out we predicted 99% of what happened this episode in, like, week two.
K: Yes, we definitely did.
S: Ezra tells Aria Jillian loved their book and then, I think out of habit, end up kissing, but one things leads to another…
K: Ezria is back!
S: I saw thrusting!
K: I’m pumped about this. They should be together. I don’t know why they ever broke up.
S: Liam sucks.
K: I’m sure Nicole sucked, too, but she’s dead, so whatever.
S: After that, Hanna is with Caleb in that weird hotel room –
K: Where the plan is going to happen.
S: She tells him something he never knew. But, first, we learn they broke up because she picked her job over going to Europe with him, which lead to him and Spencer hooking up for the first time, if you recall.
K: Oh, yeah! Gasp! I kind of like them together, even though Jordan is better than Caleb. Then, they kiss!
S: They kiss but were probably going to do more if Ezra and Aria hadn’t walked in.
K: He was just kissing Spencer earlier in the day and she had just told him she loved him. So messed up.
S: Caleb is in a sticky, sticky situation. It cuts to the election and, of course, the polls are tied, which never happens. Meanwhile, Ali goes to the church because she thinks that’s the only place the dead people can’t find her.
K: Emily finds her. She says she needs help.
S: She checks herself into the crazy place, which we later find out was part of A’s plan. Mona barges in on Toby and Spencer when they’re trying to get into the secret door in The Radley. I thought they were going to kiss.
K: They will.
S: They find one, lone document that reveals Mary Drake was actually Charles/Charlotte’s biological mother, who is Ali’s mom’s twin. So, Ali and Charlotte are cousins.
K: Which is pretty crazy. This is where this episode really started to get good.
S: Charlotte didn’t know any of that.
K: No one knew, that’s why it was being covered up.
S: We also find out Mary had Charles/Charlotte while she was in Radley. That’s who the hashtag #PLLTwin is for.
K: Right. But, there’s more to this: the “ghost” Ali is seeing is actually Mary dressed up. The thing I couldn’t figure out – because the guys all look the same – who is the fake Wilton? Did she way it was Ellioit?
S: Yeah, we see him finally remove a mask all the way.
K: Is that Elliott as in Ali’s new husband?
S: Yeah!
K: Oh! Ali just married A, kind of?
S: Yeah.
K: Got it.
S: Elliott said at the end that he really loved Charlotte, so their plan was for him to marry Ali in order to get revenge on Charlotte’s death. Or something?
K: He fell in love with her while he was doctor, right?
S: Right. But, this is confusing because we still don’t know who killed Charlotte.
K: How is Sarah Harvey tied into this? Is she friends with Mary?
S: I think maybe Sarah Harvey is trying to help the liars.
K: I think I agree.
S: I think we think she’s bad but I don’t think Mary and Elliott would’ve let anyone else in on it because it’s too risky.
K: So, Elliott and Mary have been A this whole time?
S: Since Charlotte died, yeah.
K: Oh, because Charlotte was it before?
S: Right.
K: Mary says something about taking back what’s finally hers and she says that’s what Charlotte would’ve wanted.
S: I’m wondering if sometime in the past, Mary was in love with or going to Mary the DeLaurentis dad but since she has a twin, her and Ali’s mom were somehow switched and he fell in love with not Mary.
K: Whaaaaaaaat.
S: I bet you it’s something like that.
K: Besides that, Spencer’s mom won the election.
S: Mona keeps following everyone. She follows Spencer and Toby to the motel, where Caleb gets pissed.
K: At Mona?
S: No, at Spencer. He snaps at her, “Why did you bring her here?” Spencer looks like she’s horrified that she’s being yelled at.
K: But, Caleb and Mona hooked up and no one knows that yet.
S: That’s going to be a problem.
K: Someone’s moving outside and they try to chase them, but they can’t catch whoever it is, so it’s lucky they have the strobe lights and camera set up. They go back to the motel room and Hanna’s gone. They’re confused on how she’s missing – duh, the floor! They get a text saying, “Thanks for giving me Hanna, you’re free to go.” But this text is signed “AD.”
S: Who’s AD? A. Drake?
K: But, it’s Mary. And, it’s not Alison DeLaurentis. But, they know Mary is involved.
S: The last scene is Hanna getting dragged across the church floor holding the pink flowers Charlotte was holding.
K: She had blood on her mouth, but there’s no way she’s dead.
S: The blood kind of looked like Cheeto dust.
K: The last 5 or 10 minutes of the show was pretty good.
S: They should just change the format of the show into 15 minute episodes.

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