Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.19 "Did You Miss Me?"

Mar 09, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

In this week’s episode, Sarah Harvey basically confirms what we already knew while the girls – Hanna and Caleb, really – devise a plan to get the mystery torturer to leave them alone. Per usual, everyone is still a big, fat liar hiding something from someone. If you missed our recap of last week’s episode, ‘Burn This,’ read it before proceeding!

Sarah: Interestingly enough, this episode was called, “Did You Miss Me?” So, that’s weird.
Kelly: Who was it?
S: I don’t know. I think somebody is back that we thought was gone, but we don’t know they’re back yet.
K: Really?
S: Yeah, based on the preview for next week, but we’ll get to that. Emily and Mona are still talking in that alley and Mona says she called Charlotte the night she died and asked her to meet her at the Crow – What was it?
K: Two Crows.
S: I was going to say Little Crow, but I knew that was wrong.
K: But, when Emily went to go visit it, it looked decrepit. It didn’t look like it was a thing. How was Mona in there, eating pie at a dinner when it’s closed? Or, is it not closed?
S: I’m not sure. We still don’t know who was trying to run Emily over when she was there, either. Mona says Charlotte never showed, obviously, because she was killed. I laughed a lot at Aria’s tiny little bandage from her burns.
K: On her arm?
S: Yeah, everything else is fine but we have to stick with this storyline, so let’s just wrap some gauze on her arm.
K: So, then – oh, my god, I always write Emily instead of Hanna! I wrote Emily is on the phone with Jordan, but it’s Hanna who’s on the phone with Jordan and he wants her to come back to New York. Lucas is in her apartment to fix the automatic loft thing.
S: Does he love her or not?
K: I can’t decide if he’s gay or not. I thought he was gay.
S: I can’t figure out that relationship.
K: Now, he’s a millionaire but in high school he was a nerd but Hanna was always his friend.
S: Good for her. Let that be a lesson.
K: I know, seriously.
S: Was it right after that Ali tripped and fell down the stairs?
K: Yep. But, when they showed it, it looked like she tripped. How is it not an accident?
S: I’m sure they’ll have some excuse next week.
K: She gets a concussion, so Hanna comes to visit. Dr. Rawlins is surprised how loyal they are to each other. He keeps mentioning it.
S: I’m still not convinced he’s a good person. He seems shady as hell.
K: Hanna finds that card with the stairs on it.
S: It had all the girls faces exed out except for two.
K: Emily because of the whole eggs thing, who else?
S: Aria because she was burned…
K: Then Ali, so that leaves Spencer and Hanna because there were two left.
S: Emily catches Mona talking to Sarah Harvey’s bodyguard or whatever he is.
K: Her hands guy. Spencer and Emily follow him around to find out what’s in this brown tube he’s carrying. They fake a fender-bender to check what’s in there.
S: No person would be like, ‘Yes, you can take all this stuff from me’ knowing how important it all is. He had to have recognized them.
K: Then, he’s standing outside by an ice cream truck and Sarah Harvey drives away using her hands.
S: Oh, yeah! So, what’s in the tube is a blueprint for the Radley and a hotel key for room number 193.
K: Sarah checked back in under a fake name. Wouldn’t the workers recognize her and know that’s not her name? She was there for a long time.
S: Unless she’s using that backway.
K: Ezra and Aria go to dinner with Gillian.
S: But, first Aria finds out what really happened the last time Ezra saw Nicole.
K: Oh, the fight?
S: That was a weird reenactment scene.
K: He got mad real quick.
S: Hanna takes the stairs card to Caleb and says she knows what to do: give the person what they want and say she was the killer.
K: They test it on Spencer and it seems true.
S: Except, she says she killed Charlotte by stabbing her in the back of the neck with a candlestick, which is not how she was murdered.
K: Yeah, that’s not how it happened. Then, Hanna is sitting with them – Oh, my gosh, Emily is sitting with them, I can’t keep their names straight! – and Hanna slips her hand into Caleb’s.
S: They’re sitting really close to each other. I thought it was funny Spencer was guzzling wine watching them.
K: Also, did you hear the quote Hanna said – I wrote it down, because I was like, ‘What?’ – she said, “We’re all connected like a big bowl of linguini.” What is that?
S: Oh, yeah, there were a couple of weird lines in this episode.
K: Later, Spencer has a flashback to her and Caleb when they first met up in Madrid.
S: I said I thought they boned in Spain! I knew it! I wonder if Hanna and Caleb were still together then? If not, they probably just broke up and either way Hanna didn’t know about it, so Spencer definitely stabbed her in the back a bit.
K: They have a whole inside joke about that dog.
S: It was a bad move. Ok, back to Aria and Ezra having dinner with Gillian. Gillian says she pulled Liam off their project, which is kind of good since it makes way for Aria and Ezra to get back together.
K: Lucas is talking to Hanna after he fixes everything and shows her what the empty factory he’s buying is going to look like. He asks her what she would do with it and at first she jokes around saying mini-golf but then she says she would open her own… what? Fashion something?
S: Something. I forget.
K: I don’t know, her own business about fashion or something and he says, “Done.”
S: Right and she was saying that’s not funny and he said he’s serious, he’s giving her a $1 million line of credit, and to talk to Jordan to see what he thinks. Don’t be an idiot, take it!
K: His accountants were telling him he has to spend money, so…
S: We cut back to Ali, who is still in the hospital and she has this weird visitation from, who I assume is her mom.
K: Yeah, it was her mom.
S: She’s dead, though, right?
K: Yeah, she died – totally trying to remember how. I feel like maybe she was hit in the head – No, wait, that’s how… Bethany was hit in the head because she was confused for Ali and they had to bury her alive… Nope. There’s some huge thing that happened but I can’t remember. It was a very dramatic event, but can’t remember.
S: Not important. Her ghost-mom was saying Elliot will protect her like she wasn’t able to.
K: Yeah, because her mom was a b-tch.
S: If she was a b-tch, that doens’t make me relieved she thinks Elliot is going to do a good job.
K: Actually, her mom was a b-tch, but she was the one taking care of Charlotte through the whole transition from Charles to Charlotte. Her mom actually was nice about that part.
S: And, the dad was not nice.
K: Actually, yeah, you’re right. Hmm. I don’t know. Anyway, Mona is walking out of something and Sarah pops out of the shadows.
S: Mona told her to leave the girls alone and Sarah told her she doesn’t understand why she cares, the other girls don’t care about her. She confirms she’s the new A or at least working with the new A, which I don’t think is something we really learned, we sort of already knew that. Aria tells Ezra everything is happening again. Caleb rubs Hanna’s shoulder with intention, which makes Spencer squirm. It ends with Hanna sending a text saying, “Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.”
K: The text takes forever to get to the person.
S: Yeah, we didn’t need to see it bounce through all the towers.
K: Yeah, I didn’t like it. The computer next to the phone that gets the text is playing something about the election and Spencer’s mom.
S: Next week, which is the season finale –
K: Next week’s going to be weird.
S: Next week we see Ali sleeping and these weird man-hands slide over her and she says, “He touched me, I felt it!” Who is that? Obviously, it’s not Elliot.
K: Beats me.
S: We see Spencer with Toby before we see Spencer and Caleb together. Interesting.
K: Then there’s a hashtag that says #TwinOnPLL. Like, NO. If Sarah Harvey is a twin or something, that’s ridiculous.
S: Oh, I think the twin is going to be, like, Charles had a twin.
K: No!
S: That’s totally something this show would do.
K: That’s so stupid, I don’t want that to be a thing. Jeez.
S: I think that’s who the twin is.
K: How could there be so many secret family members Ali didn’t know?
S: I don’t know. That’s what makes me think the title of this week’s episode, “Did you miss me?” means it’s going to be a twin of somebody we already know, who is gone.
K: It could literally be anyone who was killed and that’s a lot of people. I’m trying to think of other people who have been killed, but I can’t remember. Ugh.
S: That’s where we are for next week.

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