Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.17 "We've All Got Baggage"

Feb 24, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

This was a momentous week in the world of the Pretty Little Liars: murder weapons were found, texts were sent, and information was leaked. It’s a wonder the Liars can function in daily life. If you missed our recap of last week’s episode, ‘Where Somebody Waits For Me,’ read it before proceeding!

Sarah: Once again, we see the girls committing petty crimes instead of just reporting everything they know to the police.
Kelly: Ali, Hanna and Emily breaking into Sarah Harvey’s hotel room –
S: Which, the last we saw it was spotless and filled with weird glove hands.
K: Right, and they go to the closet to find the hole, but when they get there the hole is gone. Like, there was no trace of it anywhere.
S: Ali starts making excuses for Sarah, which only makes my belief that she’s in on it that much stronger.
K: Yeah, but then the housekeeper comes in and they hide in the closet.
S: Where they are speaking incredibly loudly. The housekeeper definitely would’ve heard them. Whispering and telling the truth are not their strong suits. But, of course, they manage to sneak out before the housekeeper turns around.
K: And when they leave, we see the gloved hands and the housekeeper taking off her face!
S: Well, we don’t know for sure it’s a her but they were definitely dressed as a female housekeeper. Spencer tells Caleb about Melissa’s broken suitcase and how it might be the murder weapon. I just don’t see how that small piece of “metal” could be strong enough to crack someone’s neck.
K: Yeah, it’s sketchy. But, Melissa seemed sketchy this episode, too.
S: Yeah, she did. But let’s work up to that. We see Hanna helping Aria’s mom plan her wedding, which I find hilarious since she’s yet to even set a date for her own. She really doesn’t want to get married. Maybe it’s because of the threats?
K: Maybe. It is odd Hanna works in fashion but tells Aria’s mom she hasn’t even thought about what she’s wearing for her wedding. Makes me think she’s second guessing getting married.
S: Totally. So, then Melissa comes home with a new suitcase like it’s no big deal.
K: She tells Spencer it’s because her last one was broken, which we know. Peculiar.
S: Also peculiar, that reporter guy, Damien, follows Emily to school – good for her for going back! – and tries to become friends with her.
K: Yeah, and she doesn’t know who he is, which is bad news.
S: Yeah, not ideal.
K:Spencer finally confronts her mom about being sick and tells her she has to tell the public even though she thinks her voters wouldn’t want her in office.
S: Ali finally gets a creeper text, which made me second guess my theory that she’s involved.
K: Yeah, but she did text back, “Sarah, is that you?”
S: Wait, what? I missed that!
K: Yeah, she calls Sarah out but they don’t answer.
S: Dang. I must’ve been looking down to write my notes. That’s a useful nugget of info!
K: Yep. So, the creeper text said, “Does the doctor know why Charlotte left your house that night?”
S: Which tells us Ali is a liar, too. Or at least withholding information. It’s weird that Aria’s dad wanted Aria to officiate the wedding, but sort of cool I guess. I mean, it was super helpful for the story line. Imagine that!
K: Yes, it was definitely helpful. Caleb and Spencer run into Melissa outside their house and Caleb asks why her suitcase was broken. She says it happened on the way home from the airport because there was so much traffic from the Phillies' baseball game, the cab driver took back roads the whole way and the bumps broke her suitcase.
S: But, wait! The game that weekend was an away game! There was no traffic! Bum bum buuuuum!
K: She looks sketchy.
S: Every week we have a new killer. This week’s Killer Of The Week is Melissa.
K: Aria comes clean to Ezra about writing chapters of his book.
S: He’s surprisingly not pissed but instead calls it an “act of love.” I mean, I guess?
K: It seems like they’re getting along well.
S: Maybe a little too well. Ali confesses to the doc the reason Charlotte left that night was because she was upset when Ali told her she was in love with her doctor.
K: She says she feels like she delivered her sister to her killer, but Dr. Rawlins said it was him, if anyone.
S: I believe it. I’m still suspicious of him. I still think he maybe wanted to get rid of Charlotte so he could be with Ali.
K: Emily gets a special delivery of what she thinks is textbooks from the school, but when she opens the box, it’s a bunch of baby books and a bookmark that says she better start talking before her baby does.
S: What does that even mean? She’s not pregnant!
K: I don’t know.
S: This is when Damien – aka the reporter – FaceTimes Emily, which is super weird and aggressive for someone she just met like two hours ago. But it does help the storyline move along.
K: We get a flashback from Hanna when she’s explaining to Spencer and Caleb why Melissa could be the killer. She happened to run into Melissa in London at Fashion Week a few years ago and Melissa was pissed because Charlotte called Wren and told him secrets that caused them to break up. Melissa tries to call the Radley to speak to Charlotte, but she’s asleep. Hanna grabs the phone from Melissa and throws it at the bathroom mirror. Before she leaves, though, she asks what that journalist’s name is and alerts Emily to who he really is.
S: So, then Emily suggests they get dinner instead of just coffee, but we don’t get to see it! Annoying.
K: Yeah, I wonder what happened.
S: Me too. I’m sure it’ll conveniently come up when the story line needs it. Another big drama piece: Ezra spills the beans to Liam about his and Aria’s past.
K: He’s maaaaaaaaad.
S: I can’t blame him. What a bomb to drop. Speaking of bombs, the Doc tells Ali he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.
K: Meanwhile Spencer’s mom was making her big announcement: someone leaked a story about Yvonne saying she had an abortion in high school. The leak was traced back to Spencer’s computer.
S: Which she obviously didn’t do, so Caleb takes the fall. I don’t think he did it either, but Spencer’s mom kicks him out anyway.
K: Emily goes to “the diner” where the cops said the phone call came from the night Charlotte died.
S:Why is she alone? Why didn’t she go to the wedding first instead? Makes no sense.
K: I don’t know. But there’s someone in a car that tries to hit her so she climbs up this shed thing and finds the murder weapon, which looks like the other part of Melissa’s suitcase.
S: The car keeps driving away and every time she climbs down to leave, she’s almost run over again. They run over her phone and she ends up dropping the murder weapon, which the driver picks up and speeds off with.
K: Of course.
S: Of course!
K: Aria marries her parents and everyone is wearing black, which is odd. Liam shows up and ends up forgiving her for the whole Ezra thing, but he still wants to know why she never said anything. She tells him she was confused, although it seems like she’s still in love with Ezra. But now I’m confused because when Liam asks how her book ends she said she didn’t know until right now and they start making out.
S: Maybe we’re just supposed to take that at face value: she’s in love with Liam now.
K: Then, Ali and Dr. Rawlins show up and ask Aria to marry them.
S: Not reasonable. Nope. They’d need a marriage license for Aria to sign as soon as the ceremony was over.
K: I know. What?
S: All this love and marriage stuff finally lights a fire under Hanna and she calls Jordan back and suggests the date May 17th. I’m curious to know the significance of that date.
K: Oh, definitely.
S: Emily is convinced there are two people after them, which, now, so am I. We know of the maniac in the car at “the diner,” but at the end we see gloved hands with wedding cake by all their other tools, so that means they couldn’t have been at “the diner” and the wedding at the same time unless there were two of them. Let’s talk about next week, though. Drama!
K: Aria lined up in jail, someone punches someone –
S: That’s Toby punching Caleb!
K: Oh, I missed that!
S: Plus, there are explosions at what looks to be Hanna’s bridal shower.
K: And, Mona is back. No idea what to expect but I’m excited.

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