Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.16 "Where Somebody Waits For Me"

Feb 17, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

We learned more about what’s really going on this week: names were cleared, others were questions, and everyone is still a big, fat liar. It’s still a wonder the Pretty Little Liars can function in daily life. If you missed our recap of last week’s episode, ‘Do Not Disturb,’ read it before proceeding!

Kelly: The last episode ended with Hanna saying, “Let’s keep driving,” which brought them to the hotel room with the heart-shaped bed.
Sarah: Which was the ugliest hotel room I’ve ever seen. But, at least they acknowledge it was tacky. We can’t complain, though, because Jordan was shirtless. Oh, and we had some mounting! She mounted him, which is sort of risque for Freeform.
K: Yeah! Jordan comes in with breakfast –
S: He didn’t get the breakfast, it was just outside the room.
K: Hanna said she didn’t order anything, so Jordan assumed it was just on the house. There was a note that said, “The honeymoon is over.”
S: The eggs and bacon were placed in a sad face. I don’t know, I don’t really have any feelings towards that story line at the moment.
K: I kind of forget why Hanna is being targeted.
S: I think it’s because of the tape.
K: Oh, the drive her mom took?
S: Yeah, but she gave them the drive so I don’t understand what the problem is.
K: That was a fake drive, remember? That’s how Caleb shut down ‘A'’s computer.
S: No, I didn’t know it was a fake drive.
K: Yeah, it was a decoy drive Hanna dropped in the trash can.
S: Ooooh, yep, did not connect those dots. So, Aria and Spencer go down the ladder to hell, where they find a hidden hallway, among other things, that leads to the outside. They deduce that this is how Sarah Harvey is sneaking around unseen.
K: But it’s weird because one of the doorknobs in the hallway isn’t dusty along with a filing cabinet. Wait, did they look in the filing cabinet?
S: I don’t recall.
K: I don’t think they did, but why wouldn’t you?
S: Spencer finds out her mom has – what, breast cancer?
K: I think so, yeah. They also find out Yvonne’s team was going to leak the medical files to show Spencer’s mom is a liar and not well enough to win. Meanwhile, Spencer had no idea.
S: Spencer corners Mona and calls her out on setting up the lunch so Spencer would find out what Yvonne’s team had planned.
K: It looked like Mona felt bad Spencer didn’t know.
S: I think she was doing a nice thing telling Spencer this was coming. It was a nice thing, but I feel like she’s still getting dumped on.
K: They just expect her to be evil, I guess. Or, maybe she’s being blackmailed or something.
S: We find out Charlotte was, indeed, not killed with a golf club, but with a hollow metal rod with a square cut at the bottom.
K: At the end, we find it it’s probably from Melissa’s suitcase.
S: Aren’t suitcases made out of aluminum? How could that kill someone? Especially if Melissa is supposed to be the killer – she has scrawny little arms. No way. I’m skeptical.
K: There was a call that came to Ali’s house the night Charlotte was killed from a restaurant no one’s heard of called Two Crows.
S: The phone call lasted for three minutes, and they figure out no one else was home during that time except for Charlotte, so she definitely took the call.
S: I had a little hope for the girls when Aria started to think rationally and considered taking everything to the cops. But, they don’t.
K: Every time they try to figure it out themselves, they get in trouble.
S: Which makes total sense. They are not detectives!
K: Liam (Aria’s boyfriend) comes to Rosewood to talk about why she was writing some of Ezra’s book. Then, Aria comes clean to Ezra about writing some of it while Ezra was in Albany where he finished his book.
S: Emily finds out the freezer failed and her eggs are gone. Are her eggs spoiled or did someone steal them?
K: Of course. I don’t think they confirmed it, but I think someone stole it. And, like, 30 other people’s eggs were ruined, which is really messed up.
S: Yeah, that’s crossing a line.
K: Of course that happened. I guess she still got paid, though, because someone was saying she has the money and should still go back to school.
S: What else with Emily? Oh, she gets cornered by the lady cop. I don’t know her name, but she was in the other seasons.
K: Oh, yeah, she’s detective…
S: Whatever. Detective Lady Cop is what we’ll call her. She points out the coincidence that Rosewood had their first murder in five years once the girls are back together in town.
K: Yeah, but they didn’t do it.
S: She does say everyone has to stay in Rosewood.
K: Even though they all have work. Wait, have they all lost their jobs?
S: No, Aria hasn’t, Emily didn’t have one, Spencer is still working, and Hanna quit.
K/S: Oh!
K: Were you going to stay something about Caleb and Mona?
S: Oh, no, I was going to bring up Caleb and Hanna’s break up flashback.
K: I don’t think Hanna is over Caleb, which is stupid because Jordan couldn’t be more perfect.
S: He’s such a good fiancé and Hanna is over there losing it.
K: She’s a b – How could you get mad at that face?! We see Caleb talking to Mona, threatening her over Spencer and Mona is like, “Who kisses better: Hanna, Spencer or me?”
S: Did we know they had a thing?
K: No!
S: Oh, no. Caleb’s a little triple dipper. Alison is in love with Elliot/Dr. Rawlins.
K: Who took care of Charlotte.
S: Maybe in more than one way. Maybe he killed Charlotte so he could have Alison all to himself. But, he didn’t want anyone to know about them yet.
K: He’s sketch. Did we see Sarah Harvey this episode?
S: No, we did not. Spencer never confronts her mom like she said she was going to.
K: Yeah, she talks to her but never comes out and says it.
S: That’s going to bite them in the ass, I’m sure. Ezra comes back and apologizes, and we learn he’s in the clear.
K: Right, he saw Aria’s parents that night. He says he had no room to get mad at her because of how much he’s lied and manipulated her.
S: Our final scene was the gloved hands, which I thought looked a little manly. They looked a little big and a little manly.
K: It’s got to be Dr. Rawlins. They were cleaning something.
S: Well, whatever it was, it is in the Radley. When Aria and Spencer were walking through that hallway, I think they saw that electrical thing there.
K: Oh, I didn’t put that together.
S: So, next week…
K: I keep trying to write down what happens in the previews, but it’s never anything significant.
S: All I have is: Emily maybe finds the murder weapon.
K: Yeah, that’s all I have, too!
S: I guess that’s all we need to know going into next week.

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