Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.15 "Do Not Disturb"

Feb 10, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

This week’s episode was a little boring, but set up the drama that is sure to come on Pretty Little Liars. After all, we’re already halfway through this season! If you missed our recap of the last episode, ‘New Guys, New Lies,’read it before proceeding!

Kelly: Aria’s dad is waiting in the living room in the dark.
Sarah: Like a creep.
K: Is that normal?
S: No. My husband decided he was going to watch this episode with me to see what it was about and he was so frustrated watching it, he was out within the first 7 minutes. Anyway, we thought we were going to get a confession from Aria’s dad, but, instead, he shares that he and Aria’s mom are getting back together and that’s why he was at the Radley the night of Charlotte’s death.
K: She seems skeptical about it, though.
S: Maybe the mom said she would be his alibi if he went through with it or something.
K:Yeah, because then the mom said they were together but is that believable?
S: We don’t know. Oh, but then we get to see Jordan without a shirt. Or, halfway without a shirt. Who puts their jacket on while their shirt is still unbuttoned? They clearly did that for more ab time.
K: I’m not mad about it.
S: Oh, no, definitely not.
K: Hanna gets a text that says “Get the drive or there will be a heart-with-a-crack-in-it-emoji. Time is ticking.” I don’t get it. If she doesn’t get the drive, she gets a heartbreak?
S: Like, kill her fiancé, I guess? I thought it was weird Hanna hasn’t asked any of the girls to be bridesmaids yet. That wedding is definitely not happening.
K: I want it to, though.
S: Also, Spencer’s lingerie was really cute even though no one really wears that.
K: Oh man, it was! Spencer’s really hot.
S: Ali texts Emily only and says she wants to talk things out.
K: I wonder why it was only Emily?
S: Didn’t they kiss so their relationship is a little different?
K: Yep. You’re right, I forgot.
S: We meet Claudia, Hanna’s boss – or ex-boss now, I guess. Missed the point on that.
K: I think just to show that she got fired. She was a bitch.
S: Yeah, she was. Ezra is still not answering and he’s still M.I.A.
K: What else?
S: Hanna’s mom says the tape is gone when Hanna confronts her about taking it.
K: Oh, and she and Aria tear about her house looking for it.
S: That part was funny to me. Hanna leaves then literally two seconds later her mom leaves and then one second later Hanna comes through the back. Her mom would’ve totally seen her in real life.
K: Also, why were they looking in cereal boxes?
S: I think to see if that’s where she hid it.
K: They poured it out on the table and were sifting through it, but it would’ve made a thud if any of it had fallen out.
S: This is true. I think this whole episode was filler. Who was the doctor that came to see Emily to get her to talk to Alison?
K: Oh, Dr. Rawlins, who, I guess – I forgot who he is. Does he work at the high school with Ali?
S: Seemed like it. It also seemed like they were a thing. When he visits Emily he sees the fertility papers.
K: Then, Sarah Harvey is stalking Ali at the school.
S: That whole scene was the worst thing I’ve ever seen on television. Harvey was there to give a speech about having a disability and was trying to bond with Ali over Charlotte, causing Ali to leave early and Harvey starts to smile. What does that mean?
K: Yeah, that was creepy.
S: Then, there was the whole Yvonne and Spencer lunch thing.
K: Yeah, Spencer thinks she’s going to lunch with Gil – I don’t know who Gil is.
S: Me neither.
K: But, really, someone set them up to have lunch together.
S: I knew right away it was Mona.
K: What, really? I was shocked!
S: Obviously it was Mona, she works for the other campaign.
K: I forgot she worked for the other campaign! So stupid. Spencer finds the phone on the floor and Caleb hacks it. Of course, they make out and I think Hanna still likes Caleb. I don’t know why, though. Caleb is ugly and her fiance is hot.
S: Yeah, Jordan’s a dime piece.
K: He may be perfect. Why would you ever go back to Caleb? Makes no sense.
S: I think Mona is Yvonne’s assistant, so that’s why she was looking for the phone.
K: Oh, right.
S: Hanna has to go put the tape in these weird 1940’s Oscar The Grouch trash cans somewhere and her directions were to put it in the brown one.
K: Of course, there was a car sticking out watching them.
S: Then Ali goes with Emily to donate her eggs.
K: And, of course, the couple she was donating to gets pregnant that day. I guess she’s going to donate them to someone else.
S: They mentioned egg banks, too.
K: Do you still get paid for that?
S: I’m not sure. My egg donation knowledge is a tad rusty. Aria was in her hotel room, which just happened to be next door to Sarah Harvey’s. She and Spencer get the bright idea to break into her room. This scene made me laugh. They were working themselves up to jump the balconies and then it ended up literally just being a normal step across. They could’ve bunny hopped it.
K: When they get in there, the room is completely clean, except for all these glove hands.
S: Does Sarah not have hands?
K: I don’t get it either.
S: I thought her hands were just burnt so she wore gloves.
K: Why do they have the arm on it?
S: Maybe it’s just meant to hold the glove shape.
K: They were creeping me out how they were lined up in a drawer.
S: I think that’s going to come back later because when we see the new ‘A,’ we see their gloved hands, so maybe we’ll see one of those pairs of gloves and know for sure it’s Sarah.
K: There was that tricky glove.
S: The one with blueprints in it?
K: Yeah, it had the blueprints of Charlotte’s old room. She’s obsessed with Charlotte. Back to Emily in the hospital, she has a vision that Sarah is stabbing her or something, but Ali comes running in and tells her it was a hallucination and she was there the whole time.
S: Yeah, but if Ali and Sarah are working together…
K: Could’ve been.
S: Caleb is breaking into a computer or the drive or something and he looks concerned when he sees the Hastings' research file is locked. He ends up sending a virus to the mystery person’s computer. What about Emily’s bag of groceries with egg carton that said, “Give me the killer or I’ll use your eggs.”
K: Oh, yeah!
S: I think Ali was the only one that knew about her donating her eggs that day.
K: Ali is looking pretty suspicious.
S: Also in Sarah Harvey’s room, they find the hole in the closet with the ladder leading to hell. What about next week?
K: Ali says the murder weapon wasn’t a golf club and that’s pretty much the whole preview with everyone panicking.

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