Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.14 "New Guys, New Lies"

Feb 03, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

In this week’s episode, the girls spend most of their time spinning a super sticky and tangled web. It’s still a wonder the Pretty Little Liars can function in daily life. If you missed our recap of last week’s episode, ‘The Gloves Are On,’ read it before proceeding!

Sarah: Well, my first note is “Caleb and Spencer definitely bumped uglies” and my second is: “Whoever is in charge of picking the soundtrack for this season is on their game. The Alabama Shakes are dope.” So, I guess you should start.
Kelly: Okay, my first note is Aria thinks her dad killed Charlotte. This happens a little later on, but she checks his golf clubs – Wait, was Charlotte killed with a golf club or something?
S: They said she has trauma to her head and her neck was broken before she was thrown, I think. That’s why the girls get a picture text of a nine iron from the mystery creeper saying they have the murder weapon.
K: Oh, I missed that part. That makes more sense.
S: Aria finds out Ezra peaced out without telling anyone he was leaving, which – what’s her name at The Brew?
K: Um…
S: Sabrina! I kept wanting to say Aubrey.
K: I was going to say Amanda.
S: We literally have no idea what’s happening in this show ever. This is so stupid. Anyway, so – What’s her name? I already forgot!
K: Sabrina!
S: Heavens. Okay, so Sabrina tells Aria he just does that sometimes when he gets depressed. He sounds like a nightmare to be around.
K: Dramatic.
S: Speaking of dramatic, Hanna was being such a weirdo about lying to Jordan about erasing the tape. She she came clean she was in tears saying she understood if he didn’t want to marry her anymore. If he’s not going to marry you because of that then they definitely shouldn’t be getting married. Also, Toby’s back.
K: Yes, and he has a new girlfriend.
S: Yvonne.
K: Spencer got a text saying Yvonne’s better than you and he’ll never put a ring on her finger. But, when Spencer saw Toby and Yvonne again, she didn’t have the ring on. Did Spencer find the ring or something?
S: She found out after reading that big file on her mom’s opposing candidate that Toby was her boyfriend and he bought a ring. Then, she saw him looking at it at one of their events, which who does that? No one. When Toby saw Spencer he put it away really quick. Obviously there’s a super sticky web being tangled between Caleb, Spencer and Toby.
K: And Caleb saw that she deleted the text about Toby since he’s a hack genius. When he questioned her about it, she said everything was new and she didn’t want it to be complicated and full of drama.
S: But, alas, it is complicated and full of drama. Caleb tells Toby he’s into Spencer but he lies and says nothing has happened and he thinks she feels the same, except he knows it because they’ve messed around. Toby was clearly pissed about it. He was not into that vibe.
K: Spencer catches Toby trying to leave and he kept asking her when she’s going back to DC. I think it’s easy for him to move on when she’s gone but now that she’s back, I think he regrets it, maybe.
S: Old feelings coming back. When Spencer finds out about the engagement, a camera flash is going off in a black car through the window. I’m not even going to dive into that logic. We don’t know who that is but we have seen Sarah Harvey going around in these black cars, though.
K: Hanna comes clean to Jordan, her mom, and the attorney.
S: Yeah, and her mom says they have a back up at this place called The Farm, so I was wondering, since the girls were talking about Alison being at some farm, if there was a correlation there.
K: I bet there is. There’s always some connection.
S: I still think Alison is the new ‘A.’
K: I really want it to be her.
S: If it’s not her, I think she and Sarah Harvey are working together.
K: I bet they are, because in the preview for next week – I paid attention this week – Sarah was saying she and Charlotte were good friends.
S: She wasn’t brainwashed, basically. She probably wants to get back at these B’s because they left her behind after she got herself electrocuted.
K: Alison is pissed at them.
S: They definitely have motive.
K: So, Ashley took the backup drive from The Farm.
S: Going back to the beginning, Aria sees her dad at the Radley and the girls assume he’s just messing around with someone there. Then, when she breaks into Ezra’s house to check his clubs, she listens to his messages and there is a message from Aria’s dad saying, “I want to talk to you about what you think you saw that night.” That pretty much clears Ezra and makes – I don’t even know Aria’s dad’s name.
K: Byron, I think?
(Google confirms: it was, in fact, Byron)
S: So, Byron looks super suspicious. And, as we said earlier, Aria checks his clubs and the nine iron is missing.
K: When she calls him, he says he can’t talk because he’s in a meeting, but when he hangs up, he turns to someone and says he thinks she knows.
S: It looked like a black car, too.
K: There’s a part where there is some guy watching in Aria’s house –
S: The mailman!
K: Yes, the mailman! But, then at the end, it’s also the bellhop taking off his old man face, so it’s not actually an old man.
S: Yes, I got super strong Mission Impossible vibes this week.
K: I’m so curious.
S: Is Sabrina gay? Do we know that?
K: I think she might be. I don’t know or remember. I would assume so but I don’t really know why I’m assuming.
S: Huh, okay. When they look back at the picture of the murder weapon, they realize the carpet in the background is the same as in The Radley. We know Sarah Harvey is staying at The Radley…
K: Do they have to be staying at The Radley, though? Because the bellhop was there.
S: I guess that’s true, I just assume it’s her because she didn’t want to be disturbed in her room and she told the staff not to go in there when she’s gone. Sketchy.
K: Oh, right.
S: It could be Alison is hanging out in the hotel, too. Maybe Sarah is doing her grunt work.
K: That’s true.
S: What else happened?
K: Caleb and Spencer track the phone and go to a – it always seems to be a storage unit, and find a trash can with a cellphone and the old ‘A’ uniform. A text pops up on the screen saying, “I don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight.” It’s someone they know.
K: Or, it’s referring to the bellhop who’s in plain sight.
S: It’s probably both. It would make sense if it were Sarah or Alison because they’ve seen them around and we know someone searched for “uniforms,” which is what the bellhop and the mailman wear.
K: Yes!
S: Connecting the dots!
K: That’s why I like this show. I think that’s all that happened.
S: I forgot what happens next week, so you should explain.
K: Basically, it’s Sarah talking to Alison saying she was friends with Charlotte, which makes her look pretty nice. But, we see Emily being tortured in a hospital gown in the end.
S: Oh, yeah! They stab her with something.
K: I don’t know what that’s about. Maybe she’s finally doing the egg transplant and that’s why she was at the hospital?
S: They looked like they were holding her down.
K: Yeah, I don’t know.
S: Maybe she was there for that and the somebody in a nurse’s uniform does something to her.
K: We just keep learning facts. I think next week will be more of a thriller. I need some drama!

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