Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.13 "The Gloves Are On"

Jan 27, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

In this week’s episode, a lot of lies were set straight while even more were told. It’s a wonder the Pretty Little Liars can function in daily life. If you missed our recap of last week’s episode, ‘Charlotte’s Web,‘ read it before proceeding!

Kelly: The episode starts in the spa, where Hanna admits she erased the footage from the hotel and the girls are shocked she actually did it.
Sarah: I had two thoughts during this whole scene: First, I wonder how many times it took for them to shoot the scene without those cucumbers falling off their face. Second, that room was tiny! How did they not notice Sarah Harvey was in there?
K: I don’t know, but they didn’t notice until they were walking out and as soon as I saw Sarah was in there I tried to think back to what they said and remembered Hanna might be screwed.
S: It’ll be interesting to see how that mess plays out. Aria’s not there because she’s working on getting Ezra to write his book. Does Liam not know about Aria and Ezra’s past?
K: I don’t think so. I think the only thing Aria told him was Ezra was her teacher.
S: Ugh.
K: Yeah. That’s why he was asking her why she was getting all hung up on Ezra, but that’s my guess.
S: What happened after that?
K: Lucas shows up. Do you know who Lucas is?
S: No. Is he gay?
K: Yeah, he’s definitely gay. He was involved with everything in their past and he was Hanna’s best friend.
S: Ok, because he seems obsessed with her.
K: I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s gay. I don’t remember if he ever actually admitted it.
S: I can’t think of a friend – I have friends that I’ve been friends with for years and years, but I don’t know that I would lie to the cops to the extent I would go to prison for them.
K: I wouldn’t.
S: As much as I love them, I’ll just write to them in prison every day. People still do that, right?
K: Yeah. Oh, and Lucas had a run in with 'A’ in the past and he wore the black hoodie ‘A’ uniform, but he’s still a good guy – I don’t remember why, though. I think he was pressured by ‘A’ when she was building an army.
S: So wouldn’t he have known ‘A’ was a girl and maybe even who she was? Why didn’t he spill the beans?
K: It might’ve been Mona, because Mona used to work with ‘A.’ I don’t think Lucas ever knew.
S: I don’t understand why these girls are friends with Mona. She’s clearly a bad friend.
K: Yeah, they used to not be. Mona used to be a nerd and Ali would make fun of her all the time. Hanna was friends with her, though. When they grew up, Mona hated Ali because she was a bully, so that’s why she joined ‘A.’
S: Oh, I see. No, wait. That seems backwards, though. If ‘A’ wanted to get back at these girls for not caring about Ali, and Mona hated Ali, why would Mona help someone who was trying to help Ali? It seems a little bit half-baked.
K: You’re right, that doesn’t make sense. Why would Charlotte target these other girls and not just Ali? Now I’m confused, too.
S: I don’t know. That’s what happens when you try to bring logic into this show’s equation.
S: Melissa comes back and she’s Spencer’s sister. What’s her story?
K: She definitely had something to do with ‘A.’ I’m kind of hazy on it, but Melissa had this boyfriend – I think his name was Ren – who Spencer ended up hooking up with too, so she was pissed. Then, Melissa recorded this video of herself to Spencer – I can’t remember what she admitted, but I know it was something big and probably really important – and that’s why she started freaking out after their interview because she blurted and saw in the journalist’s notes the words “cover up” and “tape,“ which we know was not what that meant. Those notes had to do with the security tape.
S: I see. Hey, why can’t Ezra be served beer?
K: Oh, that’s when – What’s Hanna’s mom’s name again? I can’t remember… Ashley?
S: Ashley sounds right.
K: She’s the owner of The Radley and she tells Ezra they can’t serve him anymore, but someone said something about a broken chair, so I think there was an incident there we haven’t seen yet.
S: They like to do that this season.
K: Yeah, they really like to do that.
S: Emily spills the beans to her mom and Hanna.
K: Her mom only knows about not going to school but she doesn’t know about her donating her eggs for money.
S: But, Hanna knows everything.
K: Yeah, she confessed after Hanna confronted her when she saw her sticking her leg with a needle.
S: I think Emily is still lying.
K: She said she’s broke and had to sell her eggs, but she could be lying.
S: Yeah. So, that whole Sarah Harvey thing.
K: We finally know what happened to her hands! It happened when they were running up to the roof in the first half of this season to get – who were they going to get?
S: I believe that was when ‘A’ – aka Charlotte – was up there and was going to jump.
K: For some reason Sarah is with them and she puts her hands on this thing that electrocutes her.
S: Well, yeah, but Emily punches her out and when she’s trying to get back up she uses this metal box thing as leverage and it electrocutes her.
K: Oh!
S: Then, we’re forced to watch 5 seconds of terrible graphics of her getting electrocuted, so I guess that’s why her hands are burnt and she’s weird in the head now.
K: I guess the girls decide to go save Charlotte instead because Sarah said something about being ditched and the girls said something about it being a hard decision in the moment.
S: Yeah, but they probably could’ve just split up.
K: That’s what I was just thinking! Why wouldn’t one of them stay behind with Sarah?
S: Who else had issues this week? Oh, right: Spencer tells Hanna she has a thing for Caleb.
K: Yes. I think at first, Spencer didn’t even realize she had a thing for Caleb. It wasn’t until Melissa was like, “Maybe you’re lying to yourself,” and she was like, “Huh, maybe I do like Caleb.” And then she tells Caleb and they start making out.
S: Did you see where the cast said there are going to be more sex scenes this season but no thrusting? Like, no thrusting is a rule.
K: Really?!
S: Yeah! The whole time during this scene I thought, “Yes! A sex scene with no thrusting!” But, I guess they just made out or maybe we’re supposed to assume they went all the way.
K: She did kick her shoes off.
S: That was a pretty quick turnaround for her. She realized she liked this guy and then may or may not have slept with him about two hours later. That answers the question of whether they hooked up in Spain, though.
S: Man, they had a really dope cover of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. I was digging that during the final scenes.

K: Yeah, they did! That was good.
K: Yes, she said they did not. While that’s going on, the girls get a text that says, “I know you know who did it and I’m going to make you tell” with a little devil emoji.
S: I think that’s Alison. I think what’s going to happen is she’s going to step into the role of ‘A.’
K: Oh, I would love that!
S: She’s pretty convinced they killed Charlotte.
S: We still haven’t seen Toby. Maybe he killed her?
K: Maybe. Oh, and remember Hanna’s mom was confronted by Lorenzo – remember him? The cop?
S: Oh, yeah, hot cop.
K: Yeah, he found out someone did delete the tape, so she has to go in for questioning and provide a list of everyone staying at the hotel that night and obviously that includes her daughter, which looks bad. Then, Hanna goes in for questioning, and then they bring in Lucas and their stories don’t match up.
S: Aria is also secretly writing Ezra’s book and her boss loves it, but doesn’t know it’s not Ezra, which is definitely going to blow up in her face.
K: Absolutely. Why would that work out?
S: It won’t. It can’t.
K: We know ‘A’ is changing because of the end. We see someone opening a box that has the ‘A’ uniform and they throw it out and Google ‘uniforms’, which is pretty crazy.
S: I feel like that’s all that happened.
K: There was a lot that happened but those were the main chunks.
S: Do you remember what happens next week? I don’t.
K:No, we’re just going to have to rewatch it every time.
S: It’s fine.

K: Yeah, they didn’t really reveal too much.
S: Sort of a boring teaser. Maybe there’s a lot that’s going to happen and they can’t reveal it.
K: Basically, we just know it’s happening all over again, which we knew.
S: We saw Toby in that little tidbit. We haven’t seen Alison or Mona in a while.
K: I don’t think we saw either of them in the teaser. I honestly couldn’t tell you what just happened in it.
S: I really think it’ll be Alison. It would be a really weird play for it to be anyone else.
K: I would kind of love that since people thought it was her for a while. I mean, who else could it be? Unless it was Ezra again, because he was sort of ‘A’ once.
S: WHAT?! Ezra was ‘A?!’
K: Ezra was writing a book… about… I think the whole… I can’t remember. Why can’t I remember any of this?
S: Well, we have to look this up now.

(Wikipedia sheds light on the Ezra = A statement)

K: It looked like he was ‘A’ because he was investigating for a tell-all book about the girls, but they quickly realized it wasn’t him.
S: I don’t even know what to do with this show anymore.

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