Recap: Pretty Little Liars 6.12, "Charlotte's Web"

Jan 20, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

This week’s episode was as drama-filled as one would expect from Pretty Little Liars with the promise of stuff really hitting the fan next week. If you missed our recap of the first episode, ‘Of Late I Think of Rosewood,’ read it before proceeding!

Sarah: Obviously the big mystery of this week was “Whodunit?” What did you think of this week’s episode?
Kelly: First, obviously, they framed Aria because she left the hotel room.
S: But who framed her? She wasn’t really framed, was she?
K: Well, not framed, but they think she did it. But, when she’s talking to Fitz, she asks him where he was after they met up, so I think she just left to meet up with him but doesn’t know where he went afterwards.
S: Right, because when she confronts him he says, “I went home, where else would I have gone?” But, he said it pretty snarky like he did go somewhere else.
K: So that’s kind of sketchy.
S: Basically the episode starts with Hanna calling Aria out on leaving the hotel and she replies with some made up story about Hanna being too drunk to realize how long she was gone, and that she just went to her car to get her charger.
K: I don’t know why she wouldn’t just tell them she’s going to meet up with Fitz.
S: Maybe because she’s dating that guy from work?
K: Ooooh.
S: What was his name?
K: Is it Liam?
S: Yes, that’s it! Which, hooking up with a co-worker is never a good idea.
K: Nope. No.
S: Then, we see Caleb helping Spencer deal with a blog spreading rumors and they have a moment when Spencer tells him she’s really glad he’s there.
K: We found out later – who is she talking to? The fiance? What’s his name?
S: Jordan.
K: Yeah, so we found out they saw each other in Spain, right?
S: I think they ran into each other in Madrid – she goes on to describe this super-romantic scene from a movie. So, they definitely messed around, right?
K: Ugh, yeah, so sketch.
S: We see Sarah Harvey still being a weirdo robot and we found out her hands are so burnt she can’t grab anything.
K: Yeah, but, what? When did she get burnt?
S: No idea. But, because of that Lorenzo is saying she couldn’t have done it because she can’t even hold a fork.
K: And, people are saying maybe she’s faking but now she’s off the suspect list. She does have that bodyguard guy, so maybe he did it?
S: I don’t feel like she could persuade him to break a girl’s neck and throw her from a building.
K: I guess that’s true. Spencer is also being framed because of that paper she wrote when she as at Georgetown. The same crime she wrote the paper on was exactly how Charlotte was killed.
S: Aria was just super sketchy this whole episode, though.
K: She was!
S: She shows up at Ezra’s apartment on her way out of town – one day earlier, by the way – and tells him not to tell anyone they saw each other the night of Charlotte’s death. Really, she framed herself by being such a freak.
K: Maybe that’s what I meant earlier. But, why was she being that way? What were they talking about that was so secretive? Was it really because of Liam?
S: That’s the only thing I can think of.
K: If that’s true, that’s just not worth it.
S: Aria keep declining Alison’s calls, which looks ever worse.
K: She comes back to find out where Ezra went –
S: But she also came back to talk to him about the book he owed her publishing company, because her boss was going to take the account from her and give it to her co-worker boyfriend.
S: I feel like this episode was way more informative than last week’s episode.
K: Yeah, because then we also found out Emily has cancer or something. She’s getting treatments but she doesn’t want to to tell her mom because she’s already distraught from the dad dying.
S: Where does Sabrina fit in?
K: Sabrina became the new manager of The Brew when Ezra and – What’s her name? Jessica? Nicole?
S: Nicole.
K: Yes, her. Nicole was the manager before she and Ezra left for South America, so Sabrina is the manager now.
S: And Sabrina had cancer?
K: Right. Emily has to stay in Rosewood to get her treatment because the doctor said she shouldn’t be traveling, but she lies to her mom about why she’s staying.
S: Oh, I don’t remember that part.
K: She tells her mom she’s staying for a grad school interview.
S: She’s so dumb. She’s literally doing everything she shouldn’t do in this situation.
K: She proves she didn’t finish classes, too. She said she moved to San Diego, which means she didn’t finish at Pepperdine since Pepperdine is located in Malibu.
S: Yes, yes. So we kind of think at this point that Ezra is the one who killed Charlotte. Remember when he and Aria met up and she was about to get in the cab, they saw a black car pull up to the church and a blonde girl got out and walked into the church. Aria asked if that was Alison and Ezra was like, “No, that’s Charlotte.” Then, Ezra shoves her into the cab – no cab would have never waited that long, but that’s neither here nor there – and walks towards the church. We also find out Spencer told Ezra in great detail about the crime paper she wrote that exactly described a murder that exactly matched how Charlotte died.
K: Oh, no.
S: So Ezra knew all the main details of this murder, so it looks really bad for him. Then, Aria goes to Hanna and asks her to delete the hotel footage.
K: Yeah, and she says she doesn’t want to do this stuff anymore, but she ends up doing it anyway.
S: We see Emily visiting her dad’s grave, crying about not finishing school. Then, BOO! Sarah Harvey is at a grave looking crazy, again.
K: I guess we’re supposed to assume that’s Charlotte’s grave because Emily’s mom has asked Emily if she visited her dad’s grave after Charlotte’s funeral because the plot was right next to the DiLaurentis plot.
S: Yes, so I guess that’s what we’re supposed to assume. Someone lays down all white roses and one red rose but we don’t see who laid them down and which grave it was.
K: Were they black leather gloved hands? Because that’s what they used to do at the end of the every episode. Well, I guess that was supposed to be ‘A,’ but ‘A’ was Charlotte and she’s dead, so never mind.
S: I was sort of bummed about the whole dinner scene. It was not as dramatic as I thought it would be.
K: We also met Jordan this episode and he’s British! Or, Australian?
S: I think he’s Australian.
K: He may be perfect.
S: You know, I feel like they’re setting him up to be a picture-perfect guy and Hanna will find out what’s going on with Spencer and Caleb and it’s all going to crumble. He’s either going to get hurt by Hanna or he’s going to end up being a psycho.
S: Noticeably missing from this episode was Toby. We haven’t seen the Tobes in a while.
K: Why wasn’t Toby at the dinner?
S: That was a weird gathering of people.
K: It really was. It was everyone’s exes except Toby.
K: All the girls just have their own drama now, except for Hanna. Her life is perfect.
S: That’s going to all come crashing down, for sure. She definitely still has feelings for Caleb.
K: Adult drama!
S: I don’t remember what the preview for next week looks like, do you?
K: No. Let’s look it up.

S: Oh yeah! Ezra like hulks out on them!
K: Whoa! That was a really intense 30 seconds.
S: Hanna calls Spencer out on the whole Caleb thing!
K: She looked shocked and really upset, actually.
S: Even if she has moved on from him, it’d still be upsetting if one of your best friends was hooking up with your ex-love.
K: Yeah, it’s still girl code. You can’t do that, which is probably why they were hiding it.
S: I bet things have already happened between those two.
K: Caleb puts his hand on Spencer when they’re talking about the blog.
S: Did she do anything, like, look at him?
K: No, it didn’t look romantic.
S: We can either take that as non-romantic or they’ve touched before and she’s not fazed by it.
K: Or, we’re completely wrong and it was just bad acting.
S: That’s very possible.
K: I’m so excited for next week. I want to know if Fitz did it!

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