Recap: Girls 5.7 "Hello Kitty"

Apr 05, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

This is not Hannah’s week for acting mature but it is her week for growing pains; Showing your lady parts a la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct to your boss to get out of trouble is not exactly something a strong, mature “feminist” would do. Since Lena Dunham wrote the script, I can only assume/hope that moment will play a heavy hand in how Hannah gets it together – sometimes you have to fall so far down the only way out is to go up.

Love her or hate her, it’s easy to sympathize with Hannah when she realizes Adam and Jessa have been seeing each other behind her back. Regardless of her love for Fran or how much she’s over Adam, it’s still painful to know one of your old loves has found something with one of your best friends and they were hiding intentionally hiding it from you. After Fran and Hannah have a fight over prudish Fran being mad Hannah flashed herself at her boss, Hannah finds herself kind of knocked off her high, combative, rebellious-in-the-wrong-way horse – something that really should have happened sooner than it did.

This was a big episode for our sweet Elijah, too, who seems to have matured and grown up more than I initially realized. The old Elijah would’ve had no qualms – something we still see small traces off – being Dill’s “boy toy”, but not the new Elijah. When Elijah catches wind of Dill having other men he’s been doing extraordinarily nice things for and even being intimate with some of them, Elijah confronts Dill, who flashes an ugly, abusive side of himself, and leaves the party. But Dill shows up to Elijah’s house drunk as a skunk and tries to get intimate but falls asleep before anything can happen. I was disappointed Elijah let him in and allowed Dill’s advances, but at least he told Dill he didn’t want to be with him when he was that drunk. It’s still not as good as the defiant stance he took early at the party, but bad habits are hard to break and it seems like Elijah is still trying to remember himself first.

Then there’s Ray, who can’t seem to catch a break this season: his coffee shop is being threatened by a font-wielding cafe across the street, the love of his life got married, and then, when said love told him she’s getting divorced, she says she wants to just be alone. Instead of falling into old ways, Ray walks away and literally says he needs to go back into Adam’s progressive play to not repeat old mistakes. Good on him!

And just when we thought we had seen the last of the loathsome, simpering Desi, he comes knocking on – or rather bursting through – Marnie’s door. She’s adamant about the divorce, but he’s there for another reason: Grey’s Anatomy wants to use one of their songs for a big episode – maybe even a montage! – which is great for Marnie’s career but bad for her personal life. When you’re breaking up with someone, let alone divorcing them, there needs to be a full, permanent break from that person otherwise that’s when things start to get messy. I’m guessing their professional relationship is going to suffer because of the personal problems, which is never good.

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