Recap: Girls 5.4 "Old Loves"

Mar 11, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

Who is the craziest person on Girls this week? We’re ranking them each week, through the lens of early-aughts pop-culture references.


Crazy Level: Kelly Clarkson wins two Grammys, despite “legitimacy” in the music business
Elijah and Dill are the cutest couple currently on the show. Elijah has been exactly 0% crazy this whole season, which makes me want to be happy for him while I simultaneously fear for his future with Dill.


Crazy Level: Miley Cryus Pole Dancing at Teen Choice Awards
I applaud Jessa and Adam’s (mostly Jessa’s) effort to stay away from each other, but as I’ve said every week: it was only a matter of time. While I think it was sort of shady for Jessa to be so mean to Hannah and make Hannah fight with her because Jessa wanted a reason to not feel bad about hooking up with Adam, Adam did have a very, very valid point about how Hannah just does whatever she wants, whenever she wants to do it. Plus, their sex scene was super sensual and romantic, which is very different from what Adam and Hannah had and that’s why I think this relationship is going to stick, at least for a while.


Crazy Level: Britney Spears' MTV VMA performance
I can’t believe Marnie is at the bottom of the crazy totem pole, again. Am I still watching Girls? Perhaps Marnie is finally growing up – not because she’s maturing, but because she’s married to someone who is definitely crazier. The poor guy had a meltdown when Marnie wasn’t into the wall he put up in their extremely tiny apartment. But Marnie didn’t really overact, at least not by my standards, and she realized his intentions were pure and from a good place, so she apologized. Our little Marn is growing up!


Crazy Level: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are busted for drunk driving
I’m sort of bummed to not see the backlash from Hannah deleting all those nude photos from Fran’s phone. Perhaps he hasn’t noticed yet, but it seems odd to skim over that blowout when it was a central point in last week’s episode and seems likely to lead to the inevitable demise of Frannah. Part of their problem is Fran insisting Hannah is “too much,” which is definitely true at times, but Fran has proved to be “too much,” too. The way a teacher chooses to prescribe an assignment and then judge it is entirely up to them, so it’s a little off-putting that Fran would assume his way of teaching was better over Hannah’s, especially when she specifically told her students to use their creativity and let the rest fall away. But, Hannah was being incredibly unprofessional in front of a student, which makes her look like the only one who is “too much.”

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