Recap: Girls 5.3 "Japan"

Mar 06, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

And, we’re back into the drama with both feet. I knew Hannah’s overly dramatic personality couldn’t take a backseat to Marnie’s for much longer, and now that she is on her honeymoon, pronouncing “Ecuador” like a local, Marnie is once again only the second craziest person ever to draw breath. The crazy in this episode was pretty level across the board, apart from Hannah’s psycho explosion – much the way Marnie took the crazy cake in episode one. Perhaps that’s the trend: only one girl is allowed to be over-the-top nuts per episode.


Level: Britney, Madonna and Christina triple kiss at the VMAs
I can’t believe I’m putting Marnie at the bottom of the crazy totem pole. When Hannah loses her mind over Fran having naked pictures of his ex-girlfriends on his phone for, um, personal reasons, Marnie’s response is uncharacteristically mellow. She tells Hannah it’s no big deal, which the Marnie I know would flip if she found out Desi had secret sexy pictures of his last seven fiancees. It was shocking, but in a good way.


Level: Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch
This Hannah is not a Hannah I like. As a female, I know we can overreact, just like men can, however, the difference is men aren’t stereotyped for it. Hannah makes a bad case for herself when she starts deleting the dirty pictures off of Fran’s phone – that’s crossing a line those two don’t seem to agree on, so it’s easy to predict the mega backlash that has to be in the pipeline.


Level: Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape
There really is no surprise here, and I don’t think there will be. These two just seem to be made for each other – they make so much sense. I have to give Adam props: his slick move to get Jessa’s head tilted up for a kiss was pretty dang smooth. I equally enjoyed him acting out a silent murder after she storms out.


Level: Jamie Lynn Spears gets pregnant at 16
Ok, so, Shoshanna didn’t make the best choices after getting fired from her job. When surprising things happen, though, it’s all about how you recover. Shosh didn’t have the most grace, but it seems like she’s doing exactly what she wants to do – I only wish she had dumped her boyfriend (I forget his name) before not showing up at the airport. Live for yourself, girl, but don’t hurt other people along the way.

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