New Movies On Demand This Week: May 17 - May 23

May 16, 2016 by Sling Staff

Check out the hottest new movies we have coming to Sling TV Movies On Demand this week!


Dirty Grandpa - Zac Efron stars alongside Robert De Niro as an uptight lawyer who is about to marry his boss' daughter and secure a partner position in his legal firm. His grandpa, Dick (De Niro), tricks him into driving to Daytona for a wild spring break filled with parties, bar fights, and karaoke.

Manhattan Night - Academy Award winner Adrien Brody stars as a NYC tabloid writer who finds himself tangled in the unsolved murder of a filmmaker. The deeper he digs into the case, the more he uncovers of sexual obsession and blackmail.

American Sniper - Based on a true story and nominated for an Academy Award, Bradley Cooper stars as U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a sniper in the service and known for having a record number of kills who struggles to adjust to civilian life after returning home. (Cinemax)

May 17
Kindergarten Cop 2
Izzie’s Way Home
Dirty Grandpa
Dirty Grandpa [Unrated]
Graduate First
Mouth Agape
Dirty Dutch: Back To The Original Core
The Curse of Sleeping Beauty
Hello, My Name Is Frank
The Ghost and The Whale
Evil Souls
Parables of War
Crush The Skull
Divine Access
Secret Past

May 20
Hard Sell
Manhattan Night
A Scream Machine
Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil
Alien Global Threat
American Sniper (Cinemax)

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