New Movies On-Demand This Week: Feb. 2 - Feb. 8

Feb 01, 2016 by Sling Staff

Check out the hottest new movies we have coming to Sling TV Movies On Demand this week!


Bridge of Spies - A Best Picture nominee at the 2016 Academy Awards, Bridge of Spies recounts the true story of New York lawyer James Donovan’s (Tom Hanks) mission to negotiate the release of a U.S. pilot with Soviet Union in exchange for Rudolf Abel, an accused Russian spy Donovan defended in court. But, with tension thick and tempers flaring, Donovan finds it much harder to make a deal, especially when another American prisoner is involved.

The Last Witch Hunter - Vin Diesel stars as Kaulder, a witch hunter who managed to slay the Witch Queen centuries ago and demolished her followers in the process. During the battle, the Queen cursed Kaulder with immortality to keep him from ever joining his wife and daughter in the afterlife. Now in the modern world, the Queen has been resurrected and is threatening the survival of the human race with only Klauder to protect them.

Rock The Kasbah - During a visit to Kabul, Afghanistan, washed up music manager Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) is dropped by his last client. He meets a Pashtun teen with an amazing singing voice, who dreams of being the first female to compete on the singing competition “Afghan Star.” Richie embarks on a new path in life to get his new found talent discovered with the help of a hooker (Kate Hudson), two war profiteers, and a gun-slinging mercenary (Bruce Willis).

Suffragette - Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) is a hard-working wife and mother whose life is changed by the 20th century suffragette movement in Britain. Recruited by political activist Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep), Watts joins a group of women, who play a risk their jobs, homes, families, and lives for equality and the right to vote.

Other New Releases:

February 2
Run Boy Run
Zombie Fight Club
Bridge of Spies
The Challenger
Born To Win
Fight To The Finish
The Jogger
The Last Witch Hunter
The Rise of The Krays
Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland
Where Is Good?
Half Human
Padre Padrone
Night of The Shooting Stars
Dr. Cabbie
DQE Peter Pan Fairy Friendship - The New Adventures
Samurai Cop 2
Pitching Love and Catching Faith
If Not For His Grace
Home Invasion
Effie Gray
Big Stone Gap
Rock The Kasbah
Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet
The Veil
Land Before Time: Journey of The Brave
The World of Kanako
The Monkey King: Havob In Heaven’s Place
Monkey Up
Going To America
Little Savages
Love Won’t Let Me Wait
Quarantine L.A.
Bad Hurt

February 5
All Roads Lead To Rome

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