NCAA Tournament Insider: Blowouts, Stenographers, Insane Stats, Parting Gifts

Mar 27, 2015 by Robb Todd

Kentucky’s record-setting destruction of West Virginia makes it easy to forget there are other teams in the Sweet 16.

Oh, but there are other teams. Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Arizona made that clear last night, and tonight Duke—hey, remember them?—will have a chance against Utah to put its stamp on things. As will a few other talents squads.

But does even mentioning teams other than Kentucky feel like whistling past a graveyard? Here’s a warning from the Wildcats’ latest victim:

“They were what I thought they were,” West Virginia coach Bob Huggins said after the 78-39 blowout. “That’s the best defensive team I think that I’ve ever coached against. And when they’re making shots, there’s nobody going to beat them.”

Here’s what else you need to know today:

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(All times Eastern)

7:15 p.m.: No. 2 Gonzaga vs. No. 11 UCLA, CBS
9:45 p.m.: No. 1 Duke vs. No. 5 Utah, CBS

7:37 p.m.: No. 4 Louisville vs. No. 8 NC State, TBS
10:17 p.m.: No. 3 Oklahoma vs. No. 7 Michigan State, TBS


6:09 p.m.: No. 1 Wisconsin vs. No. 2 Arizona, TBS
8:49 p.m.: No. 1 Kentucky vs. No. 3 Notre Dame, TBS

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