Girls Will Be Girls In Season 5

Feb 19, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

The Girls are back and little has changed. The gang is slightly older but still overly dramatic and extremely crazy – the qualities you either love or really, really hate about this show.

After going their separate ways – Shoshanna to Japan, Jessa to rehab, Hannah to Iowa and back, and Marnie getting married – the gang has found their way back together for Marnie’s big day, tying the knot with her loathsome boyfriend/bandmate Desi. But it wouldn’t be Girls without fighting, yelling, tears, confessions and boobs.

Every season, I half-expect everyone – the guys and girls alike – to be a little smarter, a little less self-involved, and a little less off their rockers. But, every season, I’m quickly reminded these people are outrageously narcissistic and it just seems to be getting worse. Perhaps it’s because they are getting older and their behavior is no longer considered “cute” or “naive,“ but annoying and unhealthy.

As I write this review of the first handful of episodes I’ve seen of the new season, I’m consciously thinking about how to avoid spoiling anything, but the truth is there’s nothing to spoil. From what I can tell, season five is a mishmash of things we’ve already seen before: fighting, yelling, tears, confessions and boobs. Sound familiar?

This season is full of break ups, mess ups, hook ups, and make ups between friends, new loves and a combination of the two. If you’re an avid lover of Girls, then this season will not disappoint. But, it will be interesting to see how or if the girls will grow up over the course of season five to prepare for the show’s sixth and final season.

Girls season five premieres on Sunday, February 21 at 10pm ET on HBO.

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