Get Your Hands Dirty with the May DIY Free Preview

May 01, 2016 by Sling Staff

What’s cheaper than hiring a plumber, hiring an electrician, hiring a carpenter to install a toilet, add a light fixture, or build a bookshelf? Getting in there and doing it yourself! And all through the month of May, it’s even cheaper to get the tips and tricks you need to dive into the most daunting home improvement projects because DIY is free to all Sling TV subscribers.

That’s right, the most informative and entertaining content for people who aren’t scared to get their hands dirty is absolutely free through the end of the month! Here’s a sample:

The Vanilla Ice Project
Rapper-turned-handyman and house flipper Rob Van Winkle brings humor and occasionally a hot temper to the home improvement game, seeking out mansions that have seen better days in his hometown of Palm Beach, Florida to buy, renovate, and sell again.

Barnwood Builders
Builder Mark Bowe and his five-man crew renovate and repurpose old barns, and it is fascinating. Sometimes they move them, sometimes they use the wood to build something else, sometimes they just fix them up and put them back into service. The history of the structures they work on, and the areas where they find them, is explored, as well as the problem-solving involved in each unique case.

Yard Crashers
Next time you see a camera crew wandering around your local home improvement big-box store, don’t run the other way! If you’re lucky enough to meet Ahmad Hassan, Matt Blashaw or Chris Lambton at one of these places, chances are they’re going to follow you home and spend two days landscaping your yard.

Salvage Dawgs
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: The guys at Black Dog Salvage know how to carefully remove architectural elements from historical properties and disassemble rotting old buildings to get the treasure buried inside.

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