Get 'Em While You Can! Feb. 3 - Feb. 9

Feb 02, 2016 by Sarah Moffatt

Sling TV’s On Demand library is packed full of great movies, specials, TV episodes, and even full seasons of great shows. But it’s not static; as new titles come in, older ones go out. Here’s a full listing of what’s going out this week – get ‘em while you can!


The Waterboy - Adam Sandler stars at Bobby Boucher, Jr., a waterboy for a college football team, who was raised by a very over-protective mother (Kathy Bates). After Bobby is fired by the coach, he finds a position with an opposing, losing team as a waterboy, but when the head coach (Henry Winkler) sees Bobby beat up a player who was teasing him, Bobby finds himself playing linebacker on a championship contending team.

February 3
Young & Hungry - “Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back” (season 2, episode 16), Freeform

February 6
Real Time with Bill Maher - “February 6, 2015” (season 13, episode 5), HBO

February 8
Last Week Tonight - “February 8, 2015”, HBO
The Waterboy, HBO

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