Ellen's Second (Third?) Career

Feb 06, 2015 by Alex Castle

If you haven’t been getting enough of Ellen Degeneres in the daytime, you can get a nighttime fix every Monday at 9pm on Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV.

We all knew that Ellen was a sneaker enthusiast, a spirited (if untrained) dancer, and heir to Oprah’s bejeweled throne, but who knew she was into furniture design? Is she even qualified to judge a design show?

It seems that the answer is yes; After launching her own line of products, ED On Air, with QVC, and being featured for her taste in decor in Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, and announcing a book on interior design to be published in the fall, it seems Degeneres is fully committed to her second (third?) career.

At the very least, her obvious passion for and experience with design makes her a much better fit for a design competition show than, say, a singing competition.

A show like this is appealing in part because, unlike a show like Chopped, where you can’t smell or taste the food and have to just take the judges' word for what’s good and what’s not, here all you need is your eyes. You might disagree with the judges, but your taste is your taste, and at the very least you might get a better idea of what you like.

Two episodes have aired so far, and you can check out the first episode below:

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