Where’s Your Favorite Channel?

Nov 04, 2015 by Ben Weinberger

“Why isn’t my favorite channel included in the Sling TV lineup?” We get this question every so often from customers, so we wanted to share more about why you may not see a particular channel included in one of our many packages.

One of the biggest reasons our customers love Sling TV is because they get the most popular live and on-demand entertainment starting at just $20 per month. In order to keep the price reasonable, we’re not able to carry every requested channel without passing along the cost to you, the customer.

Additionally, it is nearly impossible for us to add just one channel independently, based on the way the industry is constructed. Many of your favorite channels are owned by media conglomerates that demand we sell you channels you may not want. Including all these channels in our service would result in escalated prices for everyone.

If you don’t see your favorite channel in the “Best of Live TV” package, there’s a good chance we have something you’ll love in one of our $5 per month add-on packs, which include popular channels in sports, movies, lifestyle, news and kids’ entertainment, plus premium content from HBO for just $15 per month. We are looking to add new channels, so stay tuned to hear about our latest programming.

We do appreciate all the feedback we receive and enjoy hearing your ideas on how to improve the service. Our team is always working to add the most popular content, and we are dedicated to offering the best entertainment experience at a fair and reasonable price.

For a list of all the channels we currently offer in our “Best of Live TV” package and add-on packs, visit

As always, I’m eager to hear how you are enjoying your Sling TV experience. Have a suggestion? Feel free to contact me at @BenSlingTV, or our customer care team at @SlingAnswers. For more information about Sling TV, bookmark this blog, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Sling!

Ben Weinberger
Chief Product Officer, Sling TV

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