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Feb 09, 2015 by Glenn Eisen

Last month we introduced Sling TV in a big way. We are bringing the TV you love and the live events you can’t miss to all your favorite devices at a price you can afford.

And we’re not finished – we have some big plans that we can’t wait to reveal.

This blog is your source for all things Sling TV. We’ll share everything related to the Sling TV experience right here — breaking news, app updates, additional channels, new viewing platforms, suggestions on what to watch and much more.

You’ll get to hear directly from our team, and we want to hear from you. We want to make it personal. Our goal is to establish a platform that serves as your Sling TV community. Consider it a two-way conversation.

Along the way, you get to tell us what you think. We want to hear from you. The good and the not so good. Let’s make Sling TV better together.

So if you want to see what’s new from Sling TV, you have to check back here. Is Twitter or Facebook more your thing? We’re there, too. So do what you got to do to make sure you stay informed. Subscribe, follow or like to get your Sling TV updates.

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