Welcome to Sling. Let’s Take Back TV.

Feb 09, 2015 by Roger Lynch

As the CEO of Sling TV, I‘m as excited as I’ve ever been. With the launch of Sling we will Take Back TV together.

It’s been a wild ride since we announced Sling TV at CES – the massive annual consumer technologies convention in Las Vegas in January. Sling TV won big there: Best of the Best, Best Software, Best Home Theater… all in all we won 13 top awards. The excitement keeps building and your response has been overwhelming. If the number of people that signed up for a “first-look” invitation on is any indication of what’s to come for Sling TV, it’s going to be huge. Thank you so much. Very soon, you’ll be hearing from us.

For the past few years, I’ve worked side-by-side with the team that created our live, Internet-delivered TV service. We have an amazing team, and I’m honored to be a part of it. While working toward the launch of Sling TV, the team built another live Internet streaming TV service called DishWorld; it is now the largest live streaming TV service in the U.S., delivering international programming in close to 200 channels to the diverse population of the United States. DishWorld (soon to be renamed Sling International) gave us a sandbox to test our technology, paving the way for Sling TV.

You told us you’re fed up with the traditional pay-TV model’s contracts and equipment fees. Whether it’s Hulu, Netflix, or something… well… less legal, you’ve found alternatives. But the picture was not complete. The one thing you weren’t getting was the best of live TV. You weren’t getting ESPN and Adult Swim in a secure and reliable way. Nor were you getting live TV with the features and design you expect from your favorite apps and websites that understand how things work today.

Sling is the way to Take Back TV. Finally, you can see big games, popular shows, movies, breaking news, the best of online video and more for just $20/month. At last you can watch anytime, anywhere in or out of your home on your TV, tablet, phone, and computer. And this is only the beginning. We have big plans for 2015, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback once we launch.

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Let’s Take Back TV together.


CEO of Sling TV

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