Watch Your Local News, Traffic, Weather and Sports with ‘Local Now’

Mar 03, 2016 by Sling Staff

With channels like CNN, Bloomberg Television, Newsy and HLN, Sling TV offers a healthy roundup of leading national news programming. But what about the local stuff happening in your neighborhood?

Previously only available on select devices, Local Now will start rolling out to Roku devices later today. Local Now delivers local content for all “Best of Live TV” customers at no additional cost. It’s an ad-free channel from The Weather Channel that provides current localized news, weather, sports and traffic updates.

How it works
Local Now provides timely localized updates relevant to 207 markets (think LA, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Tallahassee, etc.), in partnership with some of the most trusted news sources across the U.S., including The Weather Channel, the Associated Press, SportRadar, TrafficLand, and INRIX. Its localized content cycles on a short loop that’s updated in real time. So if you miss something, you can catch it again only a few minutes later.

What’s particularly unique about Local Now is that it identifies the city that you’re in based on your IP address. In other words, it will deliver the news, weather, sports and traffic specific to the market you’re in, when you tune in. It’s a great feature for travelers (for both work and pleasure) who like to stay well-informed on current events based on your location!

Local Now is currently available on Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablets, Android smartphones and tablets, Android TV platforms including Google’s Nexus Player, Chromecast, Roku players, Macs and PCs, and we’re continuing to roll it out to the remainder of Sling TV supported devices in the coming weeks.

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Sling TV Staff

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