Unleash Unlimited Sling TV on T-Mobile with Binge On - Starts Sunday Nov 15

Nov 10, 2015 by Glenn Eisen

We know many of you like to tune in to Sling TV on your mobile devices to catch live sports and other must-watch moments in real-time. Until today, this habit required you to nervously monitor your data usage as it climbed toward your monthly data cap. Understandably, overusing data is a significant pain point for our customers. At Sling TV, our mission is to simplify your TV experience by eliminating traditional pay-TV pain points like long-term contracts, big package bundles and high prices, while giving you the ability to watch your favorite shows now.

Today, with the help of T-Mobile, we’re closer than ever to accomplishing our mission. Together, Sling TV and T-Mobile are changing the game again. We’re uniting mobile and video to save your data and your sanity, and it’s called Binge On.

Starting this Sunday, November 15, T-Mobile customers with Sling TV can stream as much as they want, minus the stress of worrying about data caps. We’re talking about streaming unlimited sports, unlimited movies, unlimited news, lifestyle and kids’ shows from your smartphone or tablet without ever eating into your wireless data. Plus, T-Mobile customers with qualified plans can receive a 7-day free trial of Sling TV and 30 percent off a subscription to our “Best of Live TV” package for 12 months, courtesy of T-Mobile.*

This groundbreaking relationship is a testimony to the impact wireless technology has had on the way we think about video. In many ways, this reminds me of what’s happened to the music industry. I remember the days when listening to my favorite CDs (okay, vinyl) was an in-home experience. Today, we all have our music at our fingertips and simply have to pull out our phones to start listening.

Thanks to innovations from Sling TV and T-Mobile, you have the same unlimited access to your TV as you do with your music. Now you can watch your favorite shows, live or on-demand, anytime or anywhere, without the fear of astronomical data overages, and only with Sling TV and Binge On.

How it works
How do you get Binge On? If you’re already a T-Mobile customer on a Simple Choice plan, you don’t even need to sign up—starting this Sunday, November 15, you’re automatically enrolled in Binge On, at no extra charge. To start your 7-day free trial of Sling TV and find out how to get your first 12 months of the “Best of Live TV” package for $14 per month, go to

At Sling TV, we believe in revolutionizing your TV experience, and this new offer with T-Mobile is just one of the many ways your TV will be changing for the better. Stay tuned for more.

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Glenn Eisen
Chief Marketing Officer, Sling TV

* Discount available to customers with a qualifying T-Mobile account, as determined by T-Mobile. Limit one discount per telephone line. Sling TV not responsible for wireless data or wireless data limits. After 12 month discount period, your credit card will be charged for regular monthly retail price of applicable Sling TV subscription until you cancel your service. Requires Internet-connected Sling TV-compatible device.

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