NCAA Basketball Championship Shatters Sling TV All-Time Viewership Record

Apr 05, 2016 by Sling Staff

That’s a wrap. Another NCAA basketball season is in the books, and we couldn’t have asked for a better ending. While brackets were busting all month long across America, we continued to see record-numbers of basketball fans flock to Sling TV. So many of you joined us on this journey that last night’s game became the most watched event in Sling TV history (previously held by this year’s College Football Playoffs), incredible.

This year’s tourney had it all. From the opening round, who could forget that first bracket buster when University of Arkansas – Little Rock pulled off that double overtime upset, where we saw viewership spike by more than 300% from tip off to final buzzer.

And last night was no different. Villanova and the University of North Carolina took it down to the very last second and captivated basketball fans with that three-point buzzer beater. To help quantify the mass interest in streaming big-time sporting events, let me share a number with you, 1,140. This represents the percent increase we saw in viewers from the tip-off of the first game to cutting down the Championship nets.

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Sling TV Staff

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