A Status Update: 8/23 service issue identified and solved

Aug 28, 2015 by Sling Staff

Every day, we take actions to improve our service delivery to you. On Sunday night, system issues crept up that impacted the experience for some of our customers.

Earlier this week, we traced down the source of the matter: one of our mobile apps was making high-load calls on a key database. This is typically not much of a concern given the huge processing capacity built into our system; however, a caching error compounded the issue and added previously unseen processing cycles that interrupted the service for some.

All that is a technical way of saying previous updates we made did not work as expected. More importantly, we have resolved the problem.

Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a fix and our apps are now behaving correctly. We remain on a path of continuous improvement as our service grows in users and excellent content.

If you experienced issues, please accept our apologies and reach out to us at @slinganswers if you have any feedback to share. Your input is important as we redefine the pay-TV experience together.

Your Sling Support Team

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